Today, justice is served on the universe – and God! More on that in a moment! We also serve justice on Governor Etch-A-Sketch; Rick Sanatorium (speaking of God!) the Trayvon Martin case; the Republicon budget plans; consumer protection; car sales; guns and the “war on drugs”!

A Professor wrote a fascinating article and a compelling book. We discuss both today – and yes, the topic is God and the universe! Today is the Wisconsin primary (plus others) and it looks like Reset Romney will finally put away Rick Sanatorium.

More bizarre developments in the Trayvon Martin case. The bizarre developments seem to happen daily.

The President is slamming the Paul Ryan/Republicon budget as “social Darwinism”. How can this be, when they don’t believe in evolution?

Consumer protection is on the agenda as we discuss whether your credit card was just stolen. Oh, it can still be in your wallet and yet be stolen!

Car sales are robust and the Obama Administration is waging a new “war on drugs” while ignoring the “war on guns” that needs to be waged.

On Beyond The Norm, more consumer protection, with a new scam targeting you and your computer!

Fierce independence means being willing to test boundaries. We prove this (BIG TIME) today, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


  1. dave ure says:

    Hi Norm–

    at about the end of the show tonight(8 pm cdt 4/5/12) you spoke with caller “Zara” about spirituality and how it functions to make tollorable the bad stuff that happens to not only the unfortunate and detached, but also to the the better off –IOW, all of us.

    i think she was saying that the argument for out of nothing dampens some people as they begin to kindle up the fire of meditation which could make them feel more centered, calm and at peace – it’s common sense –works like endorphins/excercise, yoga, whole food, etc. – all beat meds. & are not subject to the side fx of pills.

    you sounded as though you and Zara knew each other from previous calls, like she might be a regular contributer — that made me think she might be blogging or putting some of these ideas out there. can you please direct me to her sites, blog, etc,.on all topics?

    i always enjoy listening to your show!

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