Sexy Liberal John Fugelsangjoins us from the New York City bureau at 6am  for all three hours of Fridays With Fugelsang

President Barack Obama signed bipartisan jobs legislation Thursday that will help small businesses and make it easier for startups to raise capital, saying it could be a “game-changer” for entrepreneurs dreaming of founding the next Microsoft or Facebook.

Attorney General Eric Holder made clear Thursday that the Obama administration recognizes the authority of federal courts, including the Supreme Court, to rule on whether the 2010 health care reform law or any other laws passed by Congress are constitutional.

Rick Santorum participated in two meetings with conservative leaders on Thursday which focused on his candidacy, but not on whether rival Newt Gingrich should end his, sources with knowledge of the meetings told the press.

The health care think tank founded by Newt Gingrich is going under. The Gingrich Group, also called the Center for Health Transformation, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection Wednesday in an Atlanta federal court. The filing shows the group owes 50-99 creditors between $1 and $10 million. It reported assets of less than $100,000.


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