ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska polar bears are losing their fur and U.S. Geological Survey scientists don’t know why.

In the past two weeks, nine of 33 bears checked by scientists in the southern Beaufort Sea region near Barrow were found to have alopecia — loss of fur — and skin lesions, said Tony DeGange, chief of the biology office at the USGS Science Center in Anchorage.

Three of four bears inspected Thursday near Kaktovik showed the symptoms as well.

Scientists have been collecting blood and tissue samples from the afflicted bears, but they do not know the cause or the significance of the outbreak, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

“Our data set suggests that this is unusual but not unprecedented,” DeGange said. Ten of 48 bears checked by the team in 1998-99 had a similar condition, he said.

In a long-standing project, the USGS has sent polar bear research teams to the area since 1984. The teams track, sedate and examine the bears to help determine their general health and habits.

This year they saw their first bear with hair loss on March 21. The team will wind up this year’s operations in May when the sea ice becomes too treacherous for safe travel.

“We took biopsies in ’99 and couldn’t establish a causative agent for the hair loss then,” DeGange said. “But now we have this unexplained mortality event going on with seals. And they haven’t been successful in figuring out what caused the seal deaths. Is it just a matter of coincidence or is it related? We don’t know.”

In December, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event” based on a number of ringed seals hauled out on beaches on the Arctic coast of Alaska during the summer. Dead and dying seals were found to have hair loss and skin sores.

Affected seals were later observed in Canada and Russia.

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  1. tacobill says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

    1. Smokey the Bear says:

      Maybe it’s a made-up story, just like the mt. lion that attacked the old guy who got saved by a bear. Or like all the other made-up stories by CBS-locos. But if it is true, perhaps it’s because all animals lose their fur…it’s called “nature”.

      1. Henry R Kneitz III says:

        They need to switch back to the old shampoo they were using before. My wife had the same problem. She was losing hair because of a new shampoo she was trying. She switched back and now she is fine.

      2. Another 6 letter word for Felony... BARACK! says:

      3. Kingfish says:

        could just be they are getting old, or have watched to much TV and seen all these guys shaving their heads, wait i know it’s global warming.

      4. Bob Roberts says:

        Every fall my cat grows a heavy coat. Every spring it sheds that coat. You’re right. It’s called “NATURE”.

      5. Reality Check says:

        Hair Clump Change.

        Another disaster movie in the making.

        Alert Al Gore. Al can fly one of his private jets up there and hold a press conference about the dangers of carbon pollution from things like private jets.

      6. Minerva says:

        It’s nerves. All those paparazzi trying to get embarrassing or personal shots to ‘prove’ global warming.

    2. SunnyR says:

      lol! You beat me to it!

    3. Jon Lewis says:

      Dangit, you beat me to it

    4. EYE says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth! LOL!

    5. belle says:

      Perhaps is is nuclear fallout from Japan, ya think?

      1. iknowshizzle says:


    6. Laura says:

      It’s probably a chemical in the sedative they use to check the bears every year that builds up and eventually causes hair loss.

      1. David says:

        LOL THIS is the best answer I have heard

    7. Martin Smith says:

      Whitehouse Press Release: We have assigned DWS (Debbie Whipsaw Schultz) to investigate this obvious case of Republicans trying to kill Polar Bears by depriving them of their fur. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both refused to comment saying only ‘they are white so we don’t care what happens’ however we strongly suspect that this is being readied as a Republica attack on Black Bears in the Southern US and we will be there when they attack. DNC chair DWS says it is likely this is part of the war on females though they have attacked both male and female polar bears.

    8. ralpha1961 says:

      Actually this is happening because the researchers who handle these animals are transmitting diseases like when the europeans first came to this country. These reaserchers probably take in a large amount of antiobotics to fend off numerous ailments.
      It is happening to bats, frogs and who knows what other animal that is being studied.

    9. Allah_speaking says:

      No, It’s Obama’s fault now… The blame Bush meme is both tired and antiquated..

  2. ChefJoey says:

    Japanese radiation fallout from Fukashima.

    1. Wilder Napalm` says:

      Thats my guess as well. Lord only knows what chemicals was washed out to sea.

      1. Kingfish says:

        Hummm, maybe Moochell has been swimming with the whales.

      2. batman says:

        Is it “Moo-Chele” or Mooch-ele”?

      3. Allah_speaking says:

        Quit bathing, that will definitely help whatever toxic chemicals you are carrying from entering the environment…

      4. Kevin says:

        It’s hilarious watching you uneducated clones use your “media university” knowledge to make conlcusions… The only thing you know about this is what you have been fed by your extensive “media” learning…

        It’s not that you “wonder” what could have caused it. It’s that in your mind you think you actually have it figured, simply by the media stories and chit-chat with friends…

    2. Boomer says:


      That was exactly my first reaction, that it was probably radiation from the reactor, but then why was it also seen in 1999?

      1. Boomer says:

        Oops! Make that “1998”

      2. Underwater nuclear weapons testing.

      3. jasperddbagghost says:

        Oh noez! Global warming / cooling / pyramid scheme — quick give me all your money so I can uh….yeah….”save the earth”….. down with capitalism and all that…

        /sarcasm off.

      4. Marc M says:

        Umm no…

        Do some research … jeez.

      1. Marc M says:

        Written by idiots for idiots….

        Unreal people believe that.

    3. Lucille says:

      Your right, this is the only thing they fail to check for? Or do not want to let people know that we are about to die the same way.

    4. frgough says:

      Nope. Not enough radiation to cause hair loss.

    5. Bill in Tennessee says:

      Nope, it’s George Bush’s fault…man, what an EVIL dude to care so LITTLE for the polar bear. Just disgraceful.

    6. Radiation Denial says:

      Your right, but I’m sure the left will blame it on CO2, (harmless gas that plants breath. But the Ice caps on Mars and 2 of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are melting, I guess thats caused by our exhaust pipes too.

      1. iknowshizzle says:

        Yup. Solar cycles. But since we are on the end of the hot cycle, they know they can’t feed us more hot climate global warming BS that it will take another 30yrs for the next hot cycle to begin. Next we are going to hear, “freak out everyone, the Global Cooling is coming!!!’

    7. John English says:

      I think it was that someone waved a dead chicken or maybe centralized local gravity was to blame. I mean really, Polar Bears have been around for how many years. And in all that time this is the only time it has happened? If that is the case then Darwin was wrong. And by the way he is!

    8. mjm says:

      Happily surprised not to see mentioned in the article, “global warming.

  3. Tim says:

    Maybe its from scientists molesting animals all the time…

    1. Aunt JoMama says:

      So do those scientists molest the bears after they are asleep, or as they are waking up for a bit of a rush?

  4. SniffnMahfats says:

    Solar maximum is the cause!

  5. Jesusland says:

    If Liberals stopped driving their cars this wouldn’t be happening.

    1. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      Like Obama says, “I blame George W Bush.”

  6. TimP says:

    So USGS scientists can’t figure it out, it’s unusual but not unprecedented. It happened in 1998. They couldn’t find a causative agent then, and they can’t now.
    The hair loss or death of any animal on this planet is tragic.
    Perhaps, just perhaps, we should pour more tax dollars towards the USGS service.
    Maybe if they get just a bit more funding, they can find the cause of this sad event.

    1. SirGareth says:

      Why is it “tragic?” What is “tragic” is that we have become a nation so dumb that we elect Marxist authoritarians to rule us when we should be ruling ourselves.

      Polar bears make lovely stew meat and its good to snuggle with your mate between two polar bear blankets.

      Animals are supposed to die; especially ones prone to diseases of the fur.

      1. RICH says:


      2. Derp says:

        It seems your sarcasm detector is in need of retuning.

      3. star says:

        if we ruled ourselves you would be voted out – you know, because animals are suppose to die – just like you.

    2. Wilson says:

      “Scientists Puzzled”. Oh no tell me it ain’t so.

      I would gladly support funding to send these guys to Africa to figure out why millions of kids are dying every year.

      Not the best gig in the world, but they could still take their helicopters and vintage wines with them.

  7. lcky9 says:

    oh please leave the Bears ..Seals AND other wildlife ALONE.. they have been living without sciences help for this long I am SURE they will continue to do so AFTER scientists LABEL them with some sort of disorder and put them on meds ..

  8. philip says:

    wow I thought the bears were almost extinct, seems they had no trouble finding any.

  9. LarryPTL says:

    I’m sure the global warming extremists will blame it on too much carbon dioxide. They’ve blamed everything else they can think of after their hoax over CO2 causing global warming was exposed.

  10. iambicpentamaster says:

    The ursus maritimus (sea bear),
    Has been observed with a lack of hair,
    Their thinning fur,
    Has caused a stir,
    And it’s birthed a new name: Polar Bare.

    1. ByteRider says:

      Someone get this kid a balloon….

  11. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

    I smell a B-movie in the works.


    Coming soon to a theater near you.

  12. noseitall says:

    Pollution of some sort from the Japanese earthquake & tsunami. How tough was that?

    1. Mrs. Oleary's Cow says:

      I disagree…I’ll bet Al Gore funded this study. Just wait, a new global warming hoax movie since he’s gotta keep the cash cow fed.

    2. Mark says:

      According to the atricle, “Ten of 48 bears checked by the team in 1998-99 had a similar condition.”
      There was a Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 1998?

      Jump to conclusions often?

      1. Mike says:

        remember that Fukushima is still leaking into the ocean and the main radioactive fallout already arrived here Stateside. People in Cali and up the west coast are getting sick, odd.

    3. frgough says:

      You got more radiation the last time you walked past a granite countertop.

      1. JP says:

        Yeah keep repeating that. It may become true if it’s repeated often enough.

  13. hostdude99 says:

    What’s so mystifying? The fallout from Japan is starting to have an effect around the globe.

    1. Debbie says:

      No kidding! Another year or so, people are going to start having lesions and their hair fall out too. I wonder what excuse they will make for that one? I live in So California and wont go to the beach anymore for that very reason. The radioactive garbage is supposed to wash up soon, yet no mainstream outlet reports it.

      1. Ungreen says:

        Debbie, Debbie, Debbie; Come on girl! just admit it, You have put on a few pounds and the beach in a full bodied bathing suit is just not your kind of thing. Well, I have heard about this new diet called the So Diet. It guarantees a loss of 20 lbs a week. But of course a good deal of that is attributed to loss of hair and skin. However the good part is that you will probably be back in your bikini in three or four days. So swim away girl.

      2. Kingfish says:

        Zombies, holy cow..

  14. Cat in the Hat says:

    The Polar Bears have heard that the GOP causes global warming, and are having stress induced hair loss. This is nature’s way to be more aquadynamic when they have to swim where they once walked. Normal hair counts will return once a Republican gains the White House and the lies of global warming will “cool down”. They can’t bear it anymore!

  15. Rusty Chains says:

    They’re allergic to the scientists and/or the tranquilizer.

  16. Damon Taylor says:

    Global warming probably causes the polar bear to have adverse dermatological reactions to repeated doses of tranqualizers. Damn barbaric conservatives and their incandescent plastic warmongering fox news SUVs!

  17. wingside says:

    It bears mentioning this is a samle of bearly .o1% of all the bears in Alaska and does not include any of the bears living within the Bering Strait.

  18. mikelorrey says:

    Clearly a bunch of mangy tree huggers with hair lice have spent too much time harassing Polar Bears for their vital signs, and spread their parasites to the new hosts. The only stress the bears are under is a growing addiction to tranquilizers.

    1. Kingfish says:

      Can’t you just see them all sitting around a campfire taking turns with the LSD.

      1. star says:

        pretty sure that’s where you are now

  19. ByteRider says:

    They have the polar bear version of mange. Maybe they accidentally rubbed up against a liberal…

    1. Cat in the Hat says:

      lmfao! Hey little fella! Let me give you a hug…..

  20. old farmer says:

    This shouldn’t be taken lightly. However the seals are dying and the bears are only reported to be going bare. Why was the lead the bears? The bears seem to always get better press than other creatures from the enviro’s and the way this is presented is suspect.
    Are other creatures showing signs of stress? These animals are heavy consumers of fish are fish dying is high numbers? Fish usually don’t mess around. They don’t bother getting sick, they just proceed to die. There is no mention of other creatures of the area. Do bears normally shed towards spring?
    This story seems about half Alaska Baked. Who is making this report?

    1. Ungreen says:

      Hey old farmer, the seals are black and the polar bears are white. What more do you need to know?

      1. star says:

        i thought seattle was a ‘green’ state –
        d/ass polar bears have black skin
        read more
        talk less
        don’t reproduce

  21. glenn_terry says:

    So what?
    Obama iis about to lose his ass!!
    No, not Moochlle;s free ride..
    I Can’t wait until the election.

  22. JohnFLob says:

    OH NO! Now each of them will truely be Polar Bare.

  23. tamalezebra says:

    Maybe it’s just old age.

  24. baldbear says:

    Nobody checked MY ALOPECIA! Unless you are a bear you don’t matter.

  25. shoals says:

    No, this is W’s fault. Jut as the a-hole in chief. He is a typical liberal. It’s not my fault — wah wah wah.

  26. roscoe says:

    it’s called shedding

  27. curasarion says:

    Is this going to be another Polar Bear story – like claiming all the bears were drowning because of Global Warming. Then years later we learn the whole scare was based on a guy flying over the ocean and spotting what he thought were two dead polar bears after a major arctic storm. Now this would be a joke if it was not true. I’m sorrow the “Green” advocates have given us one false story after another and it has reached the point most folks have stopped believe these scare stories…

  28. Oakknoll says:

    perhaps if a veterinarian were to study them instead of a geologist?

  29. JWales says:

    Could be a connection with that Amish terrorist group that is cutting beards off amish men.

  30. JWales says:

    likewise, adult women have been losing pubic hair at an alarming rate over the past 20 or so years…Man Made Global Warming??

    1. Kingfish says:

      Used to be hair, now the tribe says it’s just flies.

    2. dbeall says:

      Please. Women are not losing hair.

  31. Bildo says:

    Bear pattern baldness. Have they tried Rogaine?

  32. eaglesdontflock says:


  33. master lee mochow says:

    It is sad that the government controls the media and is allowed to lie to us openly, funny thing if you lie to the government you go to jail, but they can lie to us. What happen to the America i use to know and love. God dam this government, but God please bless the people of the World. We need you more then ever please deliver us from these evil liars.
    Master Lee Mochow

  34. Debbie says:

    Perhaps radiation poisoning caused by Fukishima? Considering they are dumping ton upon ton of radioactive water daily into the Pacific. Pacific Ocean..hmm. Isn’t Alaska on the Pacific Ocean? Yes folks, I think we might have an answer. I wonder what they are going to say when the people start suffering from these same things. Ponderous.

  35. gvb says:

    It is called spring and all furry animals shed.
    Spring is caused by global warming, and summer is also caused by global warning. We must stop this.

  36. Chad says:

    Any household dog or cat or wild deer, moose, squirrel, mammal etc. etc. etc… lose their hair in Spring naturally, BECAUSE it is MOTHER NATURE and things tend to get warmer, so they shed! How is this even a news article? “I WONDER!!!”

    Get a brain already people!

  37. Lazlo says:

    Uh, they are losing the white hair in preparation to return to being brown Kodiak bears, because of the ChimpyMcBush Halliburton industrial global warming war complex. Only Al Gore can save them, but Hillary won’t let him out of his cage in Guantanamo.

    1. NancyPelosi says:

      that is a bit of a stretch, sir.

    2. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

      LOL – I like it

  38. jssbastiat says:

    Hey, check out this link:

    Look at all the radiation leaks since the 1990’s, plus what the HECK has happened in Russia!!!! Just google it!

    ALSO, Call the Alaskan Legislature, are they going to test the SALMON for radiation?????? Oh no!….

    Following is a list of nuclear accidents Japan has gone through since 1990s.

    Dec. 8, 1995: Sodium coolant leaked at Monju, Japan’s first prototype fastbreeder reactor in the city Tsuruga in western Fukui prefecture, causing a shut-down of the reactor for a complete overhaul.

    March 1997: An explosion occurred at a nuclear reprocessing plant in the village of Tokai, northeastern Ibaraki Prefecture, causing radioactivity to leak outside the facility and exposing dozens of workers to radiation.

    April 14, 1997: A tritium leakage occurred at the Fugen reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui prefecture.

    July 12, 1999: Cooling water leaked from a pipe in the building housing the reactor at the Tsuruga nuclear power plant owned by Japan Atomic Power in northern Japan.

    Sept. 30, 1999: A nuclear leakage accident occurred at a nuclear manufacturing plant at Tokai village, killing two technicians, exposing dozens of people to radiation and forcing more than 300,000 local residents to stay indoors.

    Aug. 9, 2004: Four workers were killed and seven injured by a steam leak at the No.3 reactor at Kansai Electric’s Mihama power plant, 350 km west of Tokyo.

    May 22, 2006: A radiation leak occurred at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant, without posing any hazard to the surrounding environment.

    Jan. 14, 2007: Four employees at the Takahama No. 1 reactor in Fukui prefecture were splashed by radioactive water during a routine inspection. The workers’ health and the area were unaffected by the incident.

    Sept. 3, 2007: Some 2.4 tons of water leaked from the No. 1 generating unit at the Ohi power station in Fukui prefecture.

    Oct. 8, 2009: A small amount of radioactive water leaked at the Fugen Nuclear Power Plant in central Fukui prefecture. One worker was exposed to levels of radiation higher than the limit set by government regulation to ensure the health of employees.

  39. none says:

    too much Grecian formula and they can’t break into the man from uncle’s safe

  40. johnnik1 says:

    uh..its springtime…every mammal on the planet sheds!..The media and global warm scam artists are at it again!

  41. Toto says:

    Global warming is caused by the “Sun”.

    Maybe we should launch a space ship and destroy the sun, and we can be done, with this “global warming” attack by the sun.

  42. Catwoman says:

    I think I’m allergic to cats. I only have 22(?) but maybe if I got a polar bear to eat the cats, and clean up this mess, we could be rockin next week into freedom?

  43. dbeall says:

    The real question is: Why is the USGS studying polar bears? What does that have to do with geology?

  44. David B says:

    It sounds like a pre conceived democrat election stunt to help obama. Just like the dem/media “Republican are evil to women” scam. I wonder if sedating polar bears with massive doses of tranqualizers is good for thei coats? Or like Sea Turtles there is too many polar bears and the heard needs to be thinned out a bit.

  45. Wilson says:

    No “science” here folks.

    Statistically insignificant sampling.

    Probably from a few stragglers hanging around the USGS mobile canteen, who smelled the Foi de gras and smoked salmon, and the fine wines.

  46. MiBu says:

    What??? USGS – United States Geological Survey???? – What are scientists from USGS doing working on polar bear studies? Shouldn’t this be studied by US Fish and Wildlife Service? They probably employ biologists who can figure this out better than geologists can. Looks to me this is more about agency overreach for project funding…talk about mission creep.

  47. robertg says:

    Sounds like Mange to me.

  48. uh says:

    “This just in…..sedating polar bears causes fur loss… at 11”

  49. amplitude jones says:

    maybe being darted every time they wake up – being given infections by humans stuffing hands into their mouths has something to do with it. In other words- LEAVE THE BEARS ALONE YOU STUPID PIGS.

  50. FouledAnchor says:

    The answer is simple: it’s a change in their diet. Polar bears eat penguins. In the winter, all the penguins fly to the South Pole for the winter. No penguin meat in their diet and the bears lose their fur! So why has there NEVER been a reported case of the polar bears losing their fur at the South Pole? Simple. When older penguins retire, they stay at the South Pole. Steady population of penguins means a steady diet. Mystery solved!

  51. sheera says:

    My first thougt is that this is a made up story – something the media has been doing a LOT over the past few years.

    IF it is real, then my second guess would be the debris from Japan.

    Third guess – some other pollutants in the water.

  52. Syd says:

    Just another god-awful parasitic disease like Lyme Disease.

  53. Ima Right says:

    This is gloabal warming, bears are getting too hot!

    1. iknowshizzle says:

      Nope. Results of radiation from Japan.

  54. Henry says:

    Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like “America Deceived II”.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.
    Impeach Obama, support Ron Paul.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely banned:

  55. Dee Merk says:

    I only have one question: How is it these scientists have a job when so many men who are bald are unemployed. Shouldn’t scientists be looking into that?

  56. regulas says:

    Probably a allergic reaction the the knock out drugs these hacks are shooting them with to do their “scientific” research.

  57. d says:

    It’s caused from tranquilizer darts…you don’t just walk up to a polar bear and say, “Might I poke this needle in you for a bit of your blood and take some of your fur as well?” …These bears are probably tagged and get a tranquilized check up a couple times a year.

  58. Mitt says:

    Obumbles is even getting to the polar bears, got em pulling out their hair.

  59. fantum says:

    The Secret Service needed body- doubles for Obama so they were shaving Polar Bear ässës and teaching them to walk backward.

  60. uncommonsense says:

    If Obama had a polar bear, it would look just like these mangy bears.

  61. scr1bbler says:

    Must be ‘Bear-pattern baldness’.

    Or it could be CO2.
    In which case, I’d suggest that the PBs stop groomin’ their hair with carbon-dioxide.

    Third option:
    Stop lickin’ yourself, Stupid!

  62. Mike says:

    Oh no, not the polar bears! Someone raise my taxes so we defeat global warming!

  63. ADM says:

    They must have got ahold of some Chinese dog food.

  64. DB says:

    Why do I greet this article with tremendous skepticism? I smell a rat somewhere . . . sounds like someone with an agenda to me.

  65. Arebuntz says:


  66. DB says:

    Someone needs to go spray “bitter apple” on them so they quit licking.

  67. Harry Ape says:

    Obama should set up a government program to redistribute fur from the 1% to the 99% of polar bears.

  68. Josh says:

    Probably loosing their hair from being abducted by “scientist” too many times!

  69. Kent says:

    The answer – new Rogaine PB (Polar Bear)…

    I know, everybody’s a comedian

  70. vando1 says:

    Mange is a common disease amongst bears. It generally is related to periods when animal populations increase and the bears have more contact with each other than is healthy. ie: they eat each others scat… Many will not consider the obvious as it flys in the face of the entire climate change enviroevangelical mob that cannot compute that polar bear poplations have been increasing for a few decades now…ever since people quit shooting so many

  71. Smiling Bob says:

    Not really losing their fur, as much as they are shedding…global warming has to be the culprit.

  72. shredit says:

    They’re losing their fur because they’re afraid PITA will pour fake blood all over them.

  73. Eric says:

    Probably a reaction from the biopsy from 1999.

  74. hairless in the tundra says:

    Well if they had this condition in 1998-1999 and nothing bad came from it in 12 years, then why is it a problem? And why is this a story? Oh I see, climate change is back on the agenda for election year and how the current administration is going to save the day.

  75. mjazzguitar says:

    Whatever happened to the ozone layer?
    Is that passé now?

  76. mrbill59 says:

    Maybe the bears should not be drinking Coke and eating Kraft products from the trash

  77. Eric Holder says:

    I’m not sure, but I bet that evil George Bush had something to do with it.

  78. tubaman says:

    Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! To survive global warming the poor polar bears are shedding their heavier coats for lighter ones.Any one ever hear of adaptability.Even if global warming is true,animals will adapt to the changing environment

  79. Ron Paul for Prez says:

    Perhaps it is from shooting them full of narcotics and sedatives every spring for the last thirty years.

  80. Joel says:

    Maybe a sheep farmer started selling bear rugs

  81. Eric R. Ewell says:

    Al Gore has the answer.It’s global warming.

  82. renee kargen says:

    Could be some kind of mange mite like fox and many other animals get. My doughter brought home a cat with mange mites that caused loss of fur. It can be treated.

  83. glenp says:

    it’s caused by ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS caused by OVERPOPULATION!!

    there is an EXPLOSION in polar bear populations and it’s mostly near populated areas. They found tasty human garbage to eat—wait no Democrats died by polar bear–I mean garbage people throw away.

    ENVIROWHACKOS are just mad the polar bear population explosion is just not where they want—where there isn’t a huge food supply like there is around human habitation

  84. glenp says:

    isn’t it the NORMAL STATUS for a scientist to be “puzzled”—hence they study and come up with answers!!!!

    what a stupid healine

  85. glenp says:

    it’s a MADE UP STORY just like NBC’s TRAYVON TRAVESTY!!

  86. glenp says:

    there is ZERO measurable radiation from Japan. there is more radiation from our Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs

  87. renee kargen says:

    This could be some kind of mange mite and can be easily treated. Our daughter brought home a kitten with mange mites and the Uninersity of Pennsylvania Veterinary hospital treated the promblem and it was gone in six weeks. Many animal have this medical problem, in our area sadlly many red foxes have mange.

  88. Hytek says:

    My tax money is being used for this nonsense and to support these Phd welfare recipients?

  89. glenp says:

    these scientists should become LIBERALS—they are never puzzled they have the answer to everything- global warming, healthcare, education….

  90. same15259 says:

    Just for the record “”Mange “” spreads easily in the Air and it exist not just in dogs we see on the streets .
    But in Cat’s , Foxes , Wolfs , Squire’s and Raccoon’s .
    Any Furry Animal actually .
    It can easily be caught by Polar Bears .

    And Animal Shelter SPCA near by Home had to put down almost all of the Dogs in their Dog Shelter …There are several Types .. This one spread in less than 12 days .

  91. same15259 says:

    My Dog and Cat Fur every Spring ”Sheds ” Greatly .
    As do all Wild Life . Duh !

  92. same15259 says:

    Just for the record Alaska just had their most Snow in many, many years and their Coldest Winter in 90 years ,

    Tree Huggers said Global Warming and was Killing Polar Bears .
    Lie the Population is up greatly .

  93. szore says:

    Maybe they found out we were 15 TRILLION dollars in debt.

  94. A.W. says:

    t is april , iin is spring in the northern hemisphere

    bears and other fur bearing animals have been shedding in spring , since time began

  95. denofyork says:

    I heard the Bears could go all the way this season…

  96. shawn says:


    1. glenp says:

      I see they opened the gates and let the whackjobs loose

    2. sandy daniels says:

      iI agree with the fact that it is radition. However You are a fu33ING BIGOT It has nothing to do with the Israeli people

  97. MER says:

    NOT climate change!!!

  98. sam says:

    Its caused from putting the Polar Bears to sleep for testing…….

  99. Boxersorbriefs says:

    It’s obviously George Bush’s fault.

  100. treas54 says:

    Maybe it’s the OCD, trichotillomania and they’re pulling their hair out from all the stress of the BS global warming alarmists saying that their ice flows are melting. .

  101. BarneyCrush says:

    Planet X…youtube it…also responsible for the heating of the entire solar system…the goverment is lying to keep the sheeple calm as long as possible…soon the signs will be too clear to ignore…you also might want to check out “sounds coming from the Earth” (Clintonville, Wisconsin) on youtube…it’s all related…get prepared for major earthquakes, floods, droughts, power outages…Planet X IS coming!

    1. iknowshizzle says:

      Radiation makes hair fall out bub. Not a planet.

    2. glenp says:

      HURRY!!! LOBSTER ALERT!!! COVER YOURSELF IN BUTTER!! oh the humanity!!
      quick hurry put on your aluminumunums foil dunce cap to protect from the gamma radiations!!!!! we are all doomed!

  102. iknowshizzle says:

    Just by reading the title and then recalling the sink of the Japanese ghost ship, I bet my future non-existent social security money that is has a lot to do with the Japanese radioactive fall-out. All that radiation wen to the poles and pretty much covered the entire upper portion of the earth’s hemisphere.

  103. iknowshizzle says:

    Scientist are not scientists any more. They are propagandists.
    This is radiation sickness!!!!!!!!!!

  104. truecolours says:

    If it isn’t Al Gore giving them hair cuts because it’s getting sooo warm up there then it is probably Japanese radiation fallout from Fukashima.

  105. It can’t be radiation in the water. They don’t get wet. Polar bears are the only mammals that can’t swim if you listen to Al Gore. The poor things just float a few feet offshore on an iceberg and its over. Either they fall off the berg and drown or a some ginormous gas powered tourist boat full of rich limo liberals taking pictures comes by and scares them into the drink to drown. There’s a solution to the bear’s skin and hair loss problem though. It’s called soap, and it works on hippies too. One bar of soap can clean up to 30 hippies and a bear can eat just as many hippies. So wash some hippies and feed em to the cute polar bears and it will cure the problem.

  106. Jim says:

    I’ll bet its from being repeatedly tranquilized/sedated, immunized, and various samples being drawn for scientific research.

  107. Enemyof Theobamastate says:

    Bush did it. Now put your hoodie on and start a crime spree.

  108. Affenhauer says:

    They all have teenaged daughters…

  109. H Town Kid says:

    Maybe it is an allergic reaction to the sedatives, or just the stress of waiting for the annual shot in the ass form these scientist.

  110. ADB says:

    The only global warming is in between the ears!
    and like every thing else, it must be Bush who’s to blame?

  111. sandy daniels says:


  112. sandy daniels says:

    Classic radiation poisoning, the governments have upped the “safe radiation ” levels to toxic levels so “folks don’t panic” thats why the cause is supposedly “unknown” wake up people!!!!!!!!!

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