SEASIDE, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — A Kentucky Fried Chicken supervisor claims he was fired after refusing direct orders from franchise owners to serve rancid meat at his location.

All employees who also refused to comply were fired as well, according to the lawsuit obtained by Courthouse News. And now, one man is suing the company.

The lawsuit was filed formally in an Oregon Circuit Court Tuesday.

“Plaintiff James McNeal was … unlawfully terminated from his position as General Manger in retaliation for refusing his supervisor’s demand that he serve rotten meat at Defendant’s KFC franchise restaurants and for threatening to call the Oregon health Department,” the document begins.

The filing lists multiple defendants, including Graja, Inc., the restaurant’s franchisee.

Any meat not served within the 12-day window allowed by KFC would reportedly develop a noticeably foul smell, and would change to a light green color. The blood in the meat would also allegedly thicken and coagulate considerably.

Employees had reportedly been ordered to save poultry past its prime since August 2010.

Multiple incidents throughout 2010 and 2011 are detailed, and each time McNeal claims he tried to tell the defendants that the food was not suitable for sale.

The defendants reportedly ordered the food to be served anyway.

McNeal’s termination came days after the resignation of a fellow manager, who quit after refusing to serve the rotten chicken.

When questioned, McNeal sided with his fellow co-worker. Several days later, he was fired for bad scheduling allegations he says were false.

One of the defendants reportedly told him that serving expired food was “not a big deal.”


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