Tuesday, April 24, 2012
dot clear Today Norm Discusses Gas Prices, The Post Office, And Wall Street
Today on the radio, justice is served on gas prices; the Post Office; Wall Street; student loan debt; the Republicon primaries; the BP oil spill (a.k.a. “The Gulf Gusher”) the John Edwards trial and immigration!

Gas prices are going down – have you noticed? Will there now be praise for the President? Wall Street factors into this discussion big time!

The Post Office is on the Senate agenda today. But, is it enough?

The Republicons are holding primaries in five Northeastern states. Does it matter anymore? The answer is yes and I’ll explain why!

The President is talking about student loans and so are we! Why isn’t this issue a bigger issue nationally?

There was a first arrest in the Gulf Gusher case today. A CEO? Some big shot? No – I’ll tell you who and why!

The John Edwards trial is in day two but there is something – or rather someone – missing. Can you guess who?

Immigration will be big tomorrow at the Supreme Court but I have some numbers and facts today to help set the context!

On Beyond The Norm, do you WANT to be in “ketosis”? What the heck is it and is it bad?

Fierce independence means holding all to one standard of conduct – even our friends and ourselves. We prove this daily here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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