SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — It’s a bundle of joy times four.

A Seattle couple will soon have four mouths to feed, once the wife and a surrogate mother give birth to the two sets of twins they are presently carrying.

Misty and Brian Baker had tried for ten years to have a child through in vitro fertilization. The couple then reached out to their friends Brian and Amber Pluckebaum in Indiana.

They introduced the Bakers to Dr. William Gentry of the Advanced Fertility Group in Indianapolis, who last October suggested implanting embryos into not just Amber, but Misty as well.

“Why not both of you try? I mean, who knows?” Gentry told RTV6. “I think her thought was, ‘Sure, why not? But it’s not going to work with me. It never works.'”

Lo and behold, both Amber and Misty are now expecting.

“Just complete and utter shock, I mean the doctor was as shocked as we were,” Amber told RTV6 of her reaction to the news.

Dr. Gentry couldn’t believe what had happened, either.

“Never both get pregnant with twins at the same time, I’ve never had that happen before,” Gentry told the station.

The babies Misty is carrying will be named Connor and Hope, while Amber’s will be named Madison and Victoria. Amber has two other children with her husband.

“There’s no question that these children were loved and desired and wanted and that they have been prayed for and believed for,” Misty told the station. “They’re our little miracle babies.”

Brian and Misty have been sharing what they are going through on their blog. The babies are expected to be born in June.


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