SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital are learning what it takes to stay “stronger.”

Patients and staff came together to create an uplifting adaptation of Kelly Clarkson’s hit song “Stronger,” which quickly went viral on YouTube. As of Thursday afternoon it was approaching nearly 600,000 page views.

Clarkson herself saw the video, and quickly shared it with her followers on Twitter.

“Oh my goodness y’all have to see this! It’s beautiful!” her tweet, which included a link to the video itself, read. “I can’t wait to visit these kids and nurses! It’s Seattle Children’s Hospital, I believe. God Bless y’all!”

The entire video was shot in the hospital, in one day, and is meant to be a celebration of life and hope.

Chris Rumble, a 22-year-old Leukemia patient from Kent, Wash., put together the project after his teammates from the Wenatchee Wild hockey team made him a music video for his most recent birthday.

“I’m everyone’s big brother and I have a lot of friends here at Seattle Children’s,” Rumble is quoted as saying on the hospital’s blog. “I wanted to make a video to send back to my team and I thought what better way to do it then with the kids on my floor.”

He added that he chose the song not only because of his adoration of Clarkson’s music, but also because he felt the lyrics were fitting for those struggling daily with cancer.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller!” the song’s chorus proclaims. “What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter!”

As those words ring out, a montage of patients, parents, nurses and doctors are shown, all of them either smiling and dancing to the upbeat tune, strutting down the halls of the hospital, or proudly holding up signs with words such as “stronger” and “fighter” written in bold, bright letters.

Rumble and the rest of the crew involved had a blast making the video, which the hospital hopes will reaffirm the strength of everyone there, patient or not – both as individuals, and as a group.

“It was not only good to see the kids happy, but it was also great to see how their parents were so happy as they watched their kids just being kids – dancing, singing and having fun,” Rumble added. “The kids will also enjoy being able to watch the video forever and share it with their friends and family.”

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