TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Washington Corrections officials confirm that the sister of a man who killed four police officers in November 2009 will be freed in July after serving about half of the five-year sentence she got for her role in the case.

Maurice Clemmons gunned down four Lakewood, Wash., officers at a Tacoma-area coffee shop. He was killed two days later in a confrontation with a Seattle police officer.

Accused of helping her brother’s getaway driver, LaTanya Clemmons was convicted of rendering criminal assistance.

Corrections spokeswoman Selena Davis said Thursday that as a nonviolent offender, LaTanya Clemmons qualified for a 50 percent sentence reduction after behaving well in prison. She also received credit for 301 days in jail awaiting trial and sentencing.

While the Washington Legislature recently reversed the law authorizing the 50 percent reduction, Davis says that change was not made retroactive.

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