Attorney James Kauffman joins the 1st hour of today’s show to tell us how Morgan Stanley helped manipulate the price of Facebook stock to make a fortune while the rest of the shareholders saw their values plummet.

Best-selling author and president of Libertas LLC consulting firm, Cliff Schecter, joins the 2nd hour of today’s show to tell us why Democrats need to continue to hammer Mitt Romney for his actions at Bain Capital.

Author Chauncey DeVega joins the 2nd hour of today’s show to discuss the bully mentality that has taken over the minds of GOP leadership.

Investigative journalist Daniel Denvir joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to discuss the GOP’s assault on public education.

Sara Robinson from Alternet joins the 3rd hour of today’s show to tell us how conservatives are trying to prevent our children from developing critical thinking abilities.

After weeks of painting Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney as a job-slashing corporate raider, President Barack Obama and his re-election campaign are broadening their attack to include Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor, arguing his policies hurt the state. We’ll give you the details.

Democratic governors pledged $1 million on Thursday to pay for Wisconsin television advertisements in a final push to recall Republican Governor Scott Walker, who has a small but consistent lead in polls before the June 5 vote. We’ll talk about it.

A Senate panel voted on Thursday to authorize $631.4 billion in defense spending for the 2013 fiscal year, blocking plans to cut the Air Force and ordering offsetting reductions in Pentagon civilian personnel to stay within the president’s budget limits. We’ll bring you the latest.


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