Today on the radio, justice is served on Syria; Afghanistan; our war veterans; the “global war on terror”; Wisconsin and money in politics; gun violence; Donald Trump and his new B.F.F.; Senior Legal Analyst time and!

A massacre in Syria this past weekend has the world up in arms – sort of. What is going on and what – if anything – should we do about it?

The war veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are making lots of claims for disability. Are they welfare cheaters?

The President has gotten VERY personally involved in the “global war on terror” at least according to some reports. Is this good?

The Wisconsin recall is being fueled by secret money – there is a lesson here for us and I’ll share it today.

There was massive gun violence in Chicago this past weekend. Does anyone notice? Does anyone care?

Donald Trump and Reset Romney are in Las Vegas – to gamble?

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with the latest on the John Edwards trial and has dropped its membership in ALEC. Another lesson to share!

On Beyond The Norm, is POM Wonderful?

Fierce independence means not shilling for Democrats who don’t deserve support. We prove this all too often, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Serving Justice On Our Nations Global Conflicts On Todays Show

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