Sexy Liberal Hal Sparks joins us in the Los Angeles Bureau at 6am for all three hours of Humpdays With Hal

Kris Perry & Sandy Stier, plaintiffs in “Perry v. Brown”, call in at 7am to talk about their reaction to the 9th Circuit Court’s refusal to re-hear the Prop. 8 case

Marilu Henner, actress and author of “Total Memory Makeover”, calls in at 7:30am to talk about unlocking your memory potential

Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady and author of “Don’t Forget: God Bless Our Troops”, calls in at 7:50am to talk about helping our service members

David Bender, author and political strategist, calls in at 8am to talk about the ramifications of yesterday’s recall loss in Wisconsin

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has survived the Wisconsin recall election, beating back a labor-backed effort to unseat him and again handing defeat to his Democratic challenger, 58-year-old Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The prospect of a U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage within the next year increased yesterday when a federal appeals court, over an indignant dissent by conservative judges, reaffirmed its ruling that struck down California’s Prop. 8.


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