Say goodbye to the plastic bag – Seattle – the city’s new ban on plastic shopping bags goes into effect July 1.The new ordinance, which was unanimously approved by the Seattle City Council last December, prohibits all Seattle retail stores from providing customers with single-use plastic carryout shopping bags, including those advertised as compostable or biodegradable. The goal of the ordinance is to reduce waste — and according to their press release, Plastic never disappears. It can harm animals and affect the food chain, especially in waterways and oceans. Edmonds started the trend in 2010 and Bellingham, like seattle, will also stop on July 1st. For a dollar or less, there will be plenty of reusable bags available – but it’s a good idea to keep a reusable carryout bag or two in your car or handbag.

An Interview with the author of OVERDRESSED: THE SHOCKINGLY HIGH COST OF CHEAP FASHION – Elizabeth Cline says no matter how ugly,don’t throw any clothing or textiles into the landfill – Donate it to Goodwill or The Salvation Army and they’ll get it to a textile .

A Listener Eco-Tip Email:
Hi Lee – I used to use bleach whenever my towels would start to smell a little funky, especially in the summer. I finally figured out that it was bacteria causing the smell, so now I boil up a couple of tea kettles of water and pour the boiling water over my towels every week. They rarely smell anymore but sometimes in the summer I still need to use the bleach, but I’ve cut down on it by about 95%.

Also, fabric softener sheets are loaded with chemicals, so instead, I put a few drops of geranium essential oil (you can use any you like, but geranium has a fresh scent) onto an old rag and toss it in the dryer. Your laundry smells great without the use of chemicals and I never thought those sheets made my laundry any softer.

For the environment,
Gayle of Seattle

You can email me at or call the hotlline at 206-805-1128


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