Intiman Theatre, with it’s fabulous re-entry into Seattle’s theatre scene, is celebrating 40 years of history with cutting edge performances during their summer festival. During July and August, 2012, Intiman Theatre invites you to a fresh look at Shakespeare, Ibsen, Shanley and Savage.

They have programmed work that warns: don’t get too comfortable. From the political to the personal, the festival explores the rumblings beneath the surface, the unoccupied life, and the voices of those yet unheard. With the integration of dance, music and drag performance, Intiman is re-imagining classics and launching epic new spectacles!

July 10 – August 26
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

For the first time, Intiman will produce the universal, red-hot, romantic epic of two lovers caught in the crossfire of their feuding families. In the claustrophobic marketplace of ancient Verona, young Romeo and Juliet burn for each other amidst a tinderbox of conflict waiting to explode. Stacked on top of each other, every form of violence is fair game as the Montagues and Capulets slash, tear, and flee to and from their addiction to violence. Under the directing force of Allison Narver, this raw, hot, dangerous, and sexy romance will explode the theatre awake again.

July 12 – August 26
Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler

This emotional thriller zeros in on the magnificent Hedda Gabler as she fights to keep her world from tearing apart. Immediately after returning from her outrageous honeymoon she’s circled by a past lover who has her heart, a wealthy judge who holds her money, and a husband whose baby she secretly carries. Over the course of two days, mysteries, betrayals, and live ammunition go unbridled in Ibsen’s most personal play. Marya Sea Kaminski will combat the primal forces rumbling beneath the surface as Intiman continues its deep tradition of producing Ibsen’s masterpieces in ways that are inventive, dangerous, and scarily close to home.

July 14 – August 25
Dan Savage’s Miracle
(Rated NC-17 for simulated sexual acts, offensive language, and fabulous drag performances.)

You know writer and activist Dan Savage from The Stranger and the It Gets Better Project, but Dan’s first love was theatre. This summer Dan returns from his theatrical hiatus to create a drag extravaganza that asks what would happen if Helen Keller and the Seattle drag scene of the early 1990’s smashed into each other. Raised by a drag queen amidst false lashes and sequined bras, Helen Stellar struggles to find her voice during amateur drag nights at Seattle’s own Brass Connection. Only with the help of a mysterious out-of-town tutor, and an army of divas, will Helen become a show-stopping queen. Watch the versatile acting ensemble break free from Shakespeare and Ibsen in the fabulous Miracle!, a comedy that guarantees to be offensively heartwarming and celebrate the unique voice in us all.

July 11 – 25
John Patrick Shanley’s Dirty Story

Pulitzer Prize and Academy Award winning playwright and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (playwright of Doubt and screenwriter of Moonstruck) has created what seems to be another crazy, co-dependent couple prone to battles and reconciliation. Spend more time with this unlikely couple in this lively and sharp comedy, and catch the intimate turn international as lovers take sides, demand territory, and seek the support of a pot-bellied, gun-toting, cigarette-selling American cowboy and a snide British side-kick. Director Valerie Curtis-Newton’s bold gut-punch of a production will turn itself inside out as it tackles and tickles one of the touchiest political issues on the planet. Dirty Story will be Intiman’s first play in our intimate studio space, so tickets are limited. Act now to get front and center for this knockout inter-personal-political spectacle.

Tickets for all shows are available online at

Intiman Theatre is located at:
201 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109


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