To Compete…Network with Experts!

When it comes to you as the “decision-maker”, you need to have the skill to surround yourself with staff members that have the required technical and real-world experience. However we all know this. I am not telling you anything new. Let’s take a look at the idea of surrounding yourself with experts outside your business that fulfill different facets of your company’s needs – for example concerning your marketing, PR, and promotional campaigns.

If you are a medium to large-size firm you probably have the financial resources to retain a staff that is able to create, design, implement and measure your marketing efforts. The marketplace requires that your firm have experts in various marketing areas to make the most of the tools and strategies available to remain competitive. I am referring to experts in traditional media as well as emerging media. For larger companies, if a social media specialist is not on staff – one can always be hired or contracted for specific projects.

Network to compete with “the big boys”!

For small companies, maybe like yours, believe it or not you can be competitive. How do you make your business competitive with the “big boys”? Implement a professional networking strategy. Strive to connect with experts in different areas of discipline, such as marketing, within available networking groups.


Person-to-person/social/professional groups provide many networking options from which to choose. Some examples of traditional networking (service organizations) groups are:

If nothing else, I would strongly suggest that you join your local chamber of commerce if you haven’t already. Once you become a chamber member go one step further – become an ambassador. The role of ambassador provides opportunities for you to network with other members/business decision-makers in a non-threatening role. Ambassadors are given a designated group of members to represent. As an ambassador you are responsible to ensure that the chamber is fulfilling the members’ needs; such as ensuring members have their chamber plaques and are invited to chamber events.

Other options are Business Networking International (BNI), leads groups, or informal business networking groups. Be aware, that BNI and leads groups usually require a fee and have rules by which you must abide.

Whichever networking groups you choose to join, you will reap benefits. You need to know going in that it will be necessary to put in the time, commitment and energy to realize the value.


I strongly endorse that you join and participate in online networking groups. If you use them correctly, you will find these groups to be quite helpful in advancing your company and you. What do I mean by “correctly”? Online groups obviously are a great place to make contacts, however online groups also provide an excellent place to start or join a conversation with a large amount of people. You are able to post questions, answers questions, give advice etc.  Here are a few online networking platforms:

For example, LinkedIn offers many industry and/or discipline-specific groups that you are free to join, or create an industry-specific group. BizNik provides a forum where you may post multi-page articles that you have written. BizNik also gives members great networking opportunities. Check out these sites and determine which one is best for you.

Remember, when you are networking to keep in the forefront of your mind that it’s not all about you. Before letting other networkers know what you need, find out what they need – where they need assistance. Believe me, in the long-run taking this tact will prove fruitful.

The larger and more diverse your network contacts, the more you will have to offer others and receive from other group members. Many groups like BNI also have the philosophy that the group members consider other group members as their extended sales force. This is a synergy that you should exploit.


Steve Whitaker

Steve’s Light Bulb Moments LLC


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