BEAVERTON, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – Ten years of marriage, two kids, and one divorce involving a 22-year-old yoga-loving college student. The end result? A “for sale by owner” yard sign that is honest about why one Oregon woman is selling her family’s home: “Husband left for a 22-year-old …”

Elle Zober of Beaverton, Ore., wasn’t out for revenge when she intended to recently make a for-sale indicating that the reason for the sale of the home was because her husband was leaving her for a 22-year-old. But instead of battling Zober on the honesty of the sign, her husband instead decided to help her with the sign, according to the website for the home.

Revelations of her husband’s indiscretions was tough to take for Zober, but suspicions began to arise when she started looking at her husband’s phone bill.

“For me, that surprise came in the form of a 22-year-old college student who likes yoga,” the ad states, “and other people’s husbands.”

Feeling the need to keep a competitive edge in the housing market, Zober explained that she needed to explain the story behind the sign and try to sell the three-bedroom house herself, which is currently listed at $189,940.

Zober said she that while she’s still upset about the situation, they both felt like they had to move on, and selling the house is the only way they could do it.

“Sure I’m angry, and every bit as sad as the sign suggests … but I’m also equally grateful for the life I do have and I know that the best the way to more forward for all of us is to focus on that,” Zober wrote. “Hence my quirky marketing For Sale By Owner plan.”


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