By Benjamin Fearnow

PORT MOODY, Canada (CBS Seattle) – It took three police officers to stop a Canadian teen from fighting a mailbox while he was allegedly high on LSD.

According to The Now News, police were called to the Port Moody, British Columbia neighborhood around 5 a.m. on July 15 after a passerby saw someone dancing, talking and then fighting with a mailbox. Officials later said the boy was under the influence of LSD, and when officers tried to take him into custody he turned his aggression onto them.

“Our members attended and saw this 15-year-old kid literally talking to this mailbox and full-out fighting it,” Port Moody police spokesman Const. Luke van Winkel told Now News. “When people are on drugs – on these types of stimulants – it’s amazing what they can do, these are three big police officers.”

Officers tried to calm him down, but the 6-foot tall boy was clearly under the influence of some type of substance. He resisted the officers’ advances and continued to make threats directed toward the malevolent mailbox. Inevitably, the teen was subdued and taken to the hospital where he was treated for cuts and bruises and released with no charges.

The department told Now News that such incidents highlight the problems that officers face when they’re dealing with irrational people on illegal substances. Officials noted that the boy himself admitted to using the drug after he recovered from his fight with the mailbox.

“It’s just a kid who made some bad choices. Criminal charges aren’t in the best interest for that kid,” Van Winkel told Now News, adding that police don’t believe the teen made a conscious decision to fight with the officers.

A series of tweets were sent out by the police department that morning regarding the incident: “A call of a male fighting with a mailbox,” read the first. “Mailbox fighter arrested after violently fighting with police.”

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is a crystalline compound drug that is used in experimental medicine and is taken illegally as a hallucinogenic stimulant. Although LSD has been in wide recreational use for well over fifty years it has been replaced by more potent, but more stable designer drugs like ecstasy. Police spokesman van Winkel noted that LSD use is more rare today because it can lead to a bad, sometimes violent trip.

-Benjamin Fearnow

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