Part 2 of 3 “Mobile Marketing – So, You Want To Know More?”


Real World Applications of Mobile Marketing Applications

There are some extremely interesting real world examples of how mobile marketing is being successfully implemented by companies – and being used very creatively. First, let’s look at some research that supports businesses using mobile marketing applications.

Mobile Marketing Research


CTIA Wireless in a survey revealed:

  • 35-44 age group sent/received as many text messages as phone calls
  • There are 275 million wireless subscribers in the US – 89% of US population
  • In that same month approximately 1 trillion text messages were sent/received

iSuppli survey findings:

  • iPad sales 42.7 million units in 2011, 63.3 million units in 2012
  • In 2012 smartphone shipments are expected to exceed PC shipments

Specific mobile marketing findings regarding the travel industry:

  • 50% of travelers post comments on social networks
  • 60% of travelers find user-generated video influential
  • 75% of travelers utilize a mobile device while traveling
  • 40% of travelers will ask for advice from their social network
  • 66% of travelers are likely to research, shop and book travel
  • Nearly 75% of travelers are influenced by reviews and photos
  • 33% of travelers find company content and promotions influential

On the whole, studies indicate that consumers embrace the mobile-social-digital revolution. Consider researching how mobile marketing applications can help your business grow.


Do some research! Ask experts and trusted colleagues! You will find that your business may benefit from embracing what mobile marketing has to offer.


Go ahead! You’re done reading this! Now, get to it!

Steve Whitaker

Steve’s light Bulb Moments LLC


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