SEATTLE (CBS Seattle)– National sales figures show a dramatic increase in the rate at which Americans are purchasing firearms.

CBS News is reporting that 10.2 million guns have been sold this year, marking a 20 percent rise from the previous year’s figures.

The numbers, provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, are said to reflect a trend embodied in the actions of Michelle Schy, a Los Angeles mother who told CBS News that she has not only armed herself, but has also enrolled her two teenage children in gun, knife training and self-defense courses.

Explained Schy, “I’m not going to let them go to a movie theater and be slaughtered.”

The FBI additionally projects another 3 million gun sales before the end of 2012.

Alan Gottlieb, a representative of a non-profit firearms activist group known as the Second Amendment Foundation, told CBS News that while the group, based in Washington state, is supportive of an American’s right to bear arms, they are all the same intrigued by the reported figures.

“The fact that in the last month or so that they’ve even spiked higher, actually even surprises me,” Gottlieb said. “Because they’ve been so high. It’s hard to get a spike when you’re already at a record sales number.”

But while the rise in gun sales has been largely attributed to an active interest in self-protection following incidents like the shootings at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. and a Sikh temple in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek, others theorize that the spike is a response to concern from gun enthusiasts over worries of stringent gun legislation under President Barack Obama’s administration.

Nolan Avery, another Los Angeles local who manages a gun range in the area, pointed out to CBS News that the increase in his business is unique to Obama’s term in office.


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