Seattle and music have a long-standing history and fashion, like music, is a reflection of what’s currently happening in society. Nordstrom taps into the triad of fashion, music and the Northwest with the Seattle Music Project. To celebrate the history of Seattle’s music scene, Nordstrom will unveil an in-store photo exhibit showcasing iconic Seattle musicians. Noted music photographer, Lance Mercer and a team of Nordstrom stylists will curate the exhibit on display at Nordstrom Downtown Seattle from September 21-30.

“I remember sitting and having coffee at Nordstrom with some of the bands I photographed in the 1980s,” Mercer said. “They would shop for performances and photo shoots, many are still wearing those clothes. Partnering with Nordstrom on this project felt like the perfect fit considering their strong tie to Seattle.”
Mercer and Nordstrom have compiled an unparalleled set of imagery and memorabilia from Seattle greats like The Sonics, The Ventures, Heart, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Mother Love Bone and more.

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“Bands want to remain relevant and fashion enables that,” says Nordstrom Fashion Manager Keith Wagner. “Grunge is a good example – Even though it seemed to be ‘anti-fashion,’ it sparked a fashion movement. Designers continue to be inspired by grunge.”

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Customers will have a chance to view how fashion can become just as integral to a band’s identity as its sound. The exhibit offers a first-hand look at how many iconic bands used fashion to help set themselves apart from others and how their sense of fashion evolved along with their music.

“Think about Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart on their ‘Little Queen’ album cover in 1977 where you see a soft Renaissance-meets-folk look,” says Wagner. “In contrast, you begin to see a harder, sexier edge for the 1980 ‘Bebe La Strange’ album cover.”

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On Friday, September 21 Nordstrom Downtown Seattle will host a private event to launch the exhibit. Models will wear modern interpretations of how music has inspired fashion across the decades. Customers can browse to the music of a live DJ while enjoying beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres. The event is free, but tickets are limited. Please call Nordstrom Concierge at 206.628.1690 for more details, and to reserve your spot.