TORONTO (CBS Seattle) — College textbooks are known for three things: being heavy, expensive, and chock- full of information. However, students in one class at OCAD University in Toronto received a shock when there were no pictures in the art textbook they bought.

The publisher couldn’t get the images onto the textbook because they were unable to get the copyright cleared by the time the book had to go to print.

The no-picture textbook for the “Global VISUAL and Material Culture” class cost students $180 dollars.

In a statement to the students, Dr. Kathy Shailer, Faculty Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies, wrote that the incomplete textbook “basically combines three textbooks into one” and that “the book is complete as printed.”

Shailer goes on to say that the university opted out having images printed.

“If we had opted for print clearance images, the text would have cost over $800,” she said in the statement.

Students currently have access to an electronic version of the textbook which contains all images, but they are petitioning for a full refund of what they paid for the faulty textbook.


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