Visit the Hawk One mobile while tailgating at a Seahawks game (Credit: Omane Agyekum)

When the Seattle Seahawks have home-field advantage on game day, you may see a large RV driving around near CenturyLink Field that is decorated to the hilt with the Seahawks insignia. If so, you have just witnessed a sighting of the Hawk One, a well-known Seahawks tailgating vehicle. The Tacoma News Tribune once called it a “tricked-out, Seahawks-themed RV” and “how the 12th man rolls.”

About Hawk One

At 33 feet long, this refurbished, 1978 Holiday Rambler motorhome has become the coolest Seahawks tailgating vehicle ever created. On the inside it features locker rooms, a customized bar, seats from the King Dome plus tons of other Seahawks memorabilia and tailgating necessities. On the outside, it has a custom paint job showcasing the Seahawks colors, pictures of team players and of course, the Seahawks official logo.

Hawk One Team

The Hawk One tailgating vehicle was acquired in 2008 by three friends and members of the Hawk One Team. This well-organized crew of tailgaters, called Hawk One’s founding fathers, helped to rebuild the dilapidated RV into the ultimate tailgating vehicle it is today. Most members of the group have been tailgating for more than 15 years and each has brought new traditions to help make their tailgating parties some of the best in Seattle.

Why Hawk One Was Created

The Hawk One Team built their tailgating vehicle to set an example for other Seahawks fans in the tailgating community. Seahawks fans, especially those who do tailgate consistently, did not take kindly to being called “the worst NFL tailgating city in America.” Ultimately, the Hawk One Team would like to change critics’ viewpoints by showing them that Seattle is indeed a great tailgating city and our fans are some of the best in the NFL.

Tailgating Champions

Hawk One and its team have entered various competitions and in 2010 became the Microsoft Bing Regional Tailgating Champions. Hawk One beat five other teams and went on to compete in Dallas’ national tailgating championship, as well. They did not win the nationals, but proved to thousands that Seattle Seahawks tailgaters are fiercely loyal to their team and great city. Hawk One was also named “Best Tailgate in Seattle” in the Bud Light Tailgate Champions competition.

Primary Tailgating Location

Seattle Seahawks fans can find the Hawk One tailgating vehicle at Hawk Alley before and after every home game. The Hawk Alley tailgating area sits next to an abandoned train yard and is less than a mile south from CenturyLink Field at 2100 Utah Avenue South. For fans that wish to park here and walk to home games at CenturyLink Field, it is only about a 15- to 20-minute walk.

Hawk One Cares

The Hawk One vehicle and its team have coordinated charity events where Seahawks memorabilia has been auctioned off with proceeds given directly to needy families. They have also worked with the Ronald McDonald House on more than one occasion, gaining notoriety from Seattle newspapers and TV news stations for giving back to their community.

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