After a big showing in June with a huge waiting list, the Seattle Blind Café is back by popular demand! The Seattle Blind Café will give more people a chance to have this experience – a meal and music in the dark.

Since the last Seattle Blind Café, the Blind Café has traveled back through Portland, Boulder and a new location, Burlington, VT. “The energy has been incredible this round,” says Rosh (Briand Rocheleau), the producer of The Blind Cafés, “We can’t wait to be back in Seattle to share this energy.”

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The Seattle Blind Café is a mind bending/heart opening experience where the audience will indulge in a vegetarian ‘Sensory Tasting Experience’ created by a local chef and sourced from local sponsors and farms. Audience members can participate in a Q & A forum with their blind wait staff and will enjoy an ‘unencumbered music listening’ concert of original music by Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken … all in the complete pitch dark!

This is not just another dinner in the dark…it’s a community experience where people connect, learn and grow from working together to participate in something greater than themselves. The Seattle Blind Café is designed to help you feel more alive, awake, present and connected to your world.

With the love and laughter of those at your table you will break bread together, building friendship and community on a night you will never forget or SEE! A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to a local organization that helps to improve the lives of the blind community in your area.
Rosh also mentioned how positive the feedback has been from the attendees of the past Blind Cafés. “Many people emailed me to let me know what they thought about the show. There was some pretty intense feedback.”

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Elizabeth Lehr from the Austin Blind Café emailed her thoughts, “My husband, Aaron and I made a date night out of The Blind Cafe and it actually made a pretty big impact on our marriage…I realized (again) how important it is to just enjoy the life that I’ve been given, so since then I’ve been cutting back on things that to me are superfluous, and been focusing on what’s really important.”

The Seattle Blind Café will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 8, 9, and 10. Seatings are at 7:30pm at the Fremont Baptist Church (717 North 36th Street), Seattle, WA 98103.

For more information about this event and Rosh and ‘One Eye Glass Broken’, please visit

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Tickets range from $55.00 – $95.00 on a Sliding Scale. Tickets are available by calling Brown Paper Tickets at 800.838.3006 or online HERE.