CUPERTINO, Calif. (CBS Seattle) – Angels with harps, pearly gates, and reunions with loved ones — these are the images that people associate with the other side. However, despite his successes and millions, Steve Jobs is apparently getting a very different afterlife according to a psychic.

Vice Magazine recently sat down with Reverend Betsy Cohen, a psychic medium from New York City and asked her about Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple.

Cohen told the magazine that Jobs is “not in hell,” though “he’s had to do a lot reviewing of his life. Right now he knows the lesson he has to learn, but he hasn’t learned it yet.”

She also said that Jobs has “guides” in the afterlife that are trying to teach him that “survival of the fittest is a made up thing,” and that he needed to be more concerned for the wellbeing of others.

Cohen states that when she first got in contact with Jobs, she had “a rough couple of days.” She describes Jobs as a “very critical spirit,” and if she had to work with him when he was alive, she would probably end up “crying every day.”

When asked for Jobs’ reaction to the mention of Foxconn, Cohen says that Jobs gives her a lot of laughter, “but a lot of harsh laughter.”

Foxconn is the company that constructs many Apple products and has been a source of controversy due to human rights violations.

Jobs previously attended Reed College in Portland, Ore., before starting Apple Computers in 1976.

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