SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – Hospitals report that they get many incidents when they need to get an object, such as crayons or erasers, out of a child as a result of horseplay or curiosity. Most of the time a procedure will involve hooks, glue, and catheters. Now, there may be an easier way.

It is called “The Mother’s Kiss.” According to a new study, it is neat, very safe, and works about sixty percent of the time.

It simply requires the mother to put one finger on the opposite nostril, seal her mouth around her child’s and blow air in with force roughly equivalent to a sneeze. Researchers say if this procedure is done correctly, then the object should shoot out the other nostril or at least close enough to get pulled out.

Henry Ou, a doctor at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, told ABC News that “The Mother’s Kiss” “works best with items that are really plugged so force can be generated.”

“If the mother mistakenly blows the object into the airway, it can make the situation far worse,” Ou said.

Stephanie Cook, lead author on the study, hopes this is one home remedy that is passed on.

The study was published in The Canadian Medical Association Journal.


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