If you are a cycling enthusiast, don’t mind the mud and rain and are looking for a fall and winter sport, cyclocross might be for you! Cyclocross is super popular in Europe, but Seattle has taking a liking to the event as well. Racers ride their bikes over mostly unpaved trails, making laps around a fairly short course (less than 2 miles). It’s all over in 45 minutes or less. There are intentional obstacles on the course, forcing the rider to hop off his or her bike, pick it up and run with it over the obstacle, before setting the bike down to continue racing. A mixture of mountain biking, a mud run and cycling, it challenges your endurance and keeps you in shape during Seattle’s sloppiest months of the year. Still think it sounds fun? Here’s where you can learn more:

Cycle University
5440 Sand Point Way NE, Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98105

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Craig Undem is a local former professional cyclist and WA State Cyclocross champion. He runs an excellent school for learning everything from bicycle basics to how to tune up a bike to road racing, triathlons and cyclocross. Cross 101 and Cyclocross Bootcamp classes are offered from August to November, teaching you basic skills, like getting on and off your bike, how to run with a bike and get over the barriers, to how to race – beginner to advanced. Cycle 101 classes are $30/each and are held at Magnuson Park in Seattle. Visit their website for more information and to register.

Seattle Cyclocross

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Seattle Cyclocross offers cyclocross events for the whole family! From September through November, there are races each Sunday throughout Puget Sound. Races for kids, moms and dads. Get your annual racing license online at http://www.usacycling.org, or in person on race day. Single-day licenses can be purchased in person at the race, but by USAC regulations are only available to participants in the men’s category 4 races, women’s category 4 races, junior races, and single-speed race. Kids in the tykes and trikes races don’t need to be licensed. Check the website for details, tune up your bike and head out for some muddy racing fun!

MFG Cyclocross

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MFG invites you and your family to come out to a dirty, sweaty, muddy, competitive, event called cyclocross, where your 45 minutes of effort makes you famous the next day. On their website, MFG lets you know what to do to prepare for one of their races. Getting a bike is a good start, it says, whether you borrow, rent or whatever… bring a bike with you to the race. Don’t worry about a uniform, but do dress for the weather. You do need to purchase a license, just like Seattle Cyclocross requires. Refer to http://www.usacycling.org. Races include kids, juniors, men and women.