SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – Plenty of outrage continues over a man who wrestled a live octopus out of Elliott Bay on Wednesday.

Two divers, Bob Bailey and Scott Lundy, witnessed two men throwing an octopus into the back of a pickup truck.

According to KING-TV, one of the divers ran over to the men and asked them what they were doing. Bailey told the paper he was quickly answered with, “We’re hunting. It’s legal.”

Washington state law allows for divers to capture certain live sea creatures, however, there are strict guidelines divers must follow. Fish and Wildlife Officer confirmed to KING that the men who caught the octopus did follow the rules.

“When you see these animals under water they are graceful, they move, they flow,” Lundy told the station. “When you see them in the back of the truck squirming it is not nearly as impressive. It’s sad.”

Bailey and Lundy claim they both understand the rules but admit they have never seen anything like this during their years of diving at Cove 2 in Elliott Bay. KING reports that Bailey and Lundy have reached out to city leaders to make the diving site a protected sanctuary from the law.

“People come from all over the state, if not all over the country, to visit octopus just over here,” Lundy added. “One octopus lost its life, but hopefully we can save the others.”

Bailey went on to say that the water “is like a petting zoo.”

“We know where they are, we visit them, and we give them names,” Bailey told the station. “All we are asking is don’t hunt here.”


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