SEATTLE (AP) —  Police on Tuesday were investigating an overnight burglary at the Seattle headquarters of the state Democratic Party. 

Someone arriving for work found a broken window and open door, and reported it to police at 5:30 a.m. Officers searched the building and the area for suspects but found none. 

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said there was no immediate indication of a political motivation. He described it as a burglary in a building that happens to house campaign folks. 

Benton Strong, state Democratic Communications Director, said the building at 901 Rainier Ave. S. also serves as an office for Organizing for America and Jay Inslee for Washington. 

Staff and Election Day volunteers continued to work on getting out as many votes as possible before the 8 p.m. deadline, Strong said. 

Jaime Smith, spokeswoman for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee, said her laptop was among the stolen items. 

“There was equipment that was taken from throughout the building. There was some damage that was done. The police were in here early. They got here pretty quickly,” she said.

Smith said she didn’t want to speculate whether the incident was politically motivated. She said Democrats hoped to get more information soon. 

“I was joking with someone else that they didn’t touch our coffee pot. So I’m still wired up,” she said.

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