SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – Earlier this year, a bacon coffin was introduced to the world by J&D’s Foods, a local establishment that has reached international acclaim for its steadfast dedication to creating a bacon utopia through the manufacturing of numerous bacon-themed novelty products.

CBS Seattle reported on the coffin, which offered buyers the opportunity to spend the afterlife surrounded by “the eternal glory that is bacon.”

Now, thanks to a technologically savvy coffin design with roots in Sweden, passionate music lovers will have a similar chance to spend their time in the grave soothed by the sounds of their favorite songs.

The Catacombo Sound System, made by Stockholm-based sound system designers Pause, implements multiple recent technological advances to offer anyone interested a coffin that will play songs selected by the deceased – before their passing – and by the loved ones of the dearly departed.

“Do you believe in music? That a beautiful melody can reach beyond our senses?” the video advertisement asks viewers. “Introducing the CataCombo Sound System, a revolutionary customized sound system for audiophiles on the other side.”

Fredrik Hjelmquist, the CEO of Pause, even designed a playlist of his own called “Pause 4-ever,” to give interested parties the chance to see the product in action, according to the official website.

“Manage your playlist online with the CataPlay application connected to the music service Spotify,” the website explains. “Upgradeable music server with 4G-connection prepared to tackle whatever afterlife throws at it.”

Its creators additionally explain that two-way speakers which are “fine-tuned to the coffin’s unique interior acoustic space” are included, as well as other enabling features.

The product was designed to allow customers to “[e]mbrace [their] passion for music, in this life and the next,” according to the commercial.

Added Hjelmquist on the sound system’s site, “Hi-fi is my biggest passion in life, and I will take it to the grave.”

The coffin can be bought for 23,500 Euros, which converts to just under $31,000.


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