How To Stay Safe While Tailgating In Seattle

Have fun and stay safe at the next Seahawks game (Credit, Omane Agyekum)

This Sunday’s NFL game at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is bound to be a controversial one, as the Seahawks are playing their toughest division rival, the San Francisco 49ers. Due to the recent tragic events in the United States, it is more important than ever to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Make this Seahawks game a memorable one by following a few simple safety guidelines for both your pre-game tailgating activities and throughout the duration of the game.

Adhere to the Fan Code of Conduct

All NFL stadiums have one, including CenturyLink Field, so be aware of what the Fan Code of Conduct is and adhere to all the rules and policies expected of you while on stadium grounds. Don’t be an opposing team hater, instead, wish them luck and just kick back and enjoy the game. If at any time you feel you need event staff to intervene in a bad situation happening around you, simply send a text message to HAWK12 or 429512. Fans can also call 1-888-MY-HAWKS to report any safety issues or disruptive and harassing activity.

Have a Designated Driver

If while tailgating, people from your group are drinking alcohol, remember to assign someone as the game-day designated driver. If your entire group is unable to drive, make use of the Safe Ride Home Program put in place by CenturyLink Field, Anheuser-Busch and Yellow Cab Company. If you’re in need of a ride, simply go to the nearest spectator services booth in the stadium and staff will arrange for an escorted ride home, at no charge.

Utilize Guest Services

Fans at CenturyLink Field can find guest service booths in several parts of the stadium. If you’ve lost something or someone, go to the nearest guest services booth and report this information immediately. On field level, you can find guest services directly across from section 130. For the main concourse level, go to the area across from section 100 or 127 to find guest services. At club level, you can file a report at the FSN Lounge concierge desk, and the upper concourse guest services booth is directly across from section 318. For anyone that finds a lost child or person, take them directly to the guest services booth nearest you and staff will put its “family finder” program to work to reunite the party with its family or group.

First Aid Stations

It’s always wise to bring your own first aid kit to have on hand while tailgating, but once you enter the stadium, you also have the option of visiting one of the on-site first aid stations for medical assistance. On the stadium’s main concourse level, you can find a station near section 103, 119 and 141. At club level, a station is across from suite 26 and at suite level, and there is one across from suite 36 at the southwest end of the concourse. For the upper concourse level, go to sections 300 and 326 to find first aid assistance.

Cooking Safety Precautions

First and foremost, always keep your grills cleaned and free of grease to avoid grease fires. Deep fryers are not allowed in some tailgating areas and only propane grills should be used. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case you or another tailgater needs to put out a fire. Bring only plastic cups or bottles to avoid potential glass breakage.

Additional Safety Tips

Always be mindful of your surroundings and try to travel or walk everywhere in pairs or groups. Leave your valuables at home and whatever you do bring, like wallets, credit cards or keys, keep them somewhere that is not easily accessible, such as an inside jacket pocket. For the ladies, if you’re bringing a purse, keep all zippers zipped and all snaps snapped. If it has a longer strap, put it over your head and shoulder so the purse is positioned in front of you and close to your person. If you encounter confrontational people, try to avoid them at all costs and keep moving. If necessary, call 911 and get the on-site police involved as they patrol the area surrounding the stadium specifically for the fans and staff members’ safety.

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