With only 2 starts in his National Football League career, you could make an argument  27-year-old Matt Flynn is still somewhat of a rookie quarterback.  That’s why I choose to lump Flynn in this year’s group of passers entering the NFL draft.  Right now Flynn is  head and shoulders better than Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon, or Tyler Wilson.

Yes, the Seattle Seahawks have Flynn under contract.  He could count as much as $7.25 million towards the team’s salary cap.  If he doesn’t hit any escalator clauses next season, it’s only $4 million.  If anything, God forbid, should happen to Russell Wilson, that’s a pretty good bargain for a quarterback capable of leading the offense.

As many as five teams are more than likely looking for a starting quarterback.  You can remove the Arizona Cardinals from the list of potential Seahawks trade partners because in my book, you just don’t give a starting quarterback to a division rival.

Andy Reid is now running the show in Kansas City, and could be looking for a more experienced quarterback to fit in his style of the west coast offense.  Flynn is well schooled in that scheme from his days backing up Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Jacksonville’s new head coach is former Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. If he decides Blaine Gabbert is not the man to guide the Jaguars offense, Bradley would have plenty of reasons to pursue Flynn.

The mess that is the New York Jets is ready to move on from Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  While the Oakland Raiders have Carson Palmer, they too could be looking to the future at that position.  The Buffalo Bills might be looking for an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Philadelphia Eagles are hanging on to Michael Vick.  Joe Flacco is expected to get a whopping deal to lead the Baltimore Ravens.  San Francisco might trade Alex Smith, but can’t make a deal until March 12th.

That leaves second tier passers like Jason Campbell, Matt Moore, Tarvaris Jackson, Brian Hoyer, and Rex Grossman available as free agents.

Potential is what the Seahawks were counting on when they signed the free-agent Matt Flynn.  Potential is still Seattle’s major bargaining chip if they are looking to swap for draft picks.  I’m convinced the Hawks should hold out for a second rounder for Matt Flynn.


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