SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) – A local high school teacher submitted his resignation after it was discovered that he asked his students to find him dates.

The Seattle Times is reporting that former Roosevelt High School softball coach Troy Hennum would send text messages to women sought out by the members of his team.

He referred to the students as “[his] girls,” and reportedly asked them to procure photographs and ask for the phone numbers of “cute girls” for him to pursue.

The 25-year-old coach was caught, and placed on unpaid leave less than a week after assuming the coaching role at the school, the paper learned. On Thursday, he officially resigned.

Hennum’s tactics were revealed when a local sporting good store employee named Katharine Aagard was sought out by some of the team members. Not long after her encounter with the teenage girls, Aagard said she received text messages from the coach.

“[T]his is troy. [sic] The roosevelt [sic] softball coach. I had to see if your legit,” his first text message read.

After several exchanged messages – some flattering, some insulting – he allegedly asked to meet her at a local bar. Instead, the 21-year-old woman contacted Roosevelt High School, after growing increasingly uncomfortable with the situation and discussing it with a friend.

The school’s principal, Brian Vance, vowed to Aagard that he would follow up on the matter immediately – a promise he made good on by speaking with Hennum as soon as possible. Though Hennum reportedly tried to reach Aagard by phone after that, offering an apology and asking to “hopefully … get on the same page” with her, he was soon out of a job.

The Times also learned that this was not the first instance of inappropriate text messaging on Hennum’s part – he was allegedly under investigation in 2012 at a school in the Lake Washington district for interacting with an athlete via cell phone.

His contract was subsequently not renewed with the district as a result of his actions last year, the paper also found.


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