Olympia, Wash. (CBS SEATTLE) — A guilty Montana hunter, only identified as Roy, felt the need to unburden his conscience of a poaching crime that he committed more than 40 years ago.

According to The Spokesman-Review, Roy illegally poached three whitetail doe (deer) in Washington State between the years of 1967 and 1970 and recently contacted officials about the crime. He voluntarily sent the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department office a very belated check for $6,000.

However, wildlife officials responded that not only was the crime far beyond the statue of limitations for prosecution, inflation differences showed his payment was far too much.

According to the Spokesman, Capt. Richard Mann in Yakima told Roy that penalties for poaching antlerless deer were around $250 in the late 60s, and range up to around $2,000 today. Mann suggested that if Roy really needed to ease his conscience he could sign up for volunteer jobs with wildlife officials.

However, Roy doesn’t live in Washington, he resides in Montana.

Mann received a message last week that the $6,000 check had been delivered to the Olympia-based office as a donation.

“I was amazed,” Mann said. “It’s not uncommon for me to hear from people who are sorry for a wildlife infraction, but usually it’s because the judge stuck them with a big fine.”

A letter written by Roy and attached to the check reads: “My conscience has not allowed me to put this sin to rest until now. I know that God has forgiven me and hope that WDFW will as well.”


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