HERMISTON, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – A zombie survival course previously offered at Armand Larive Middle School has been canceled amid concerns for student safety.

The class was reportedly offered by Rich Harshberger, a social studies teacher at the school. When district officials found out about the course, though, they put a stop to it, CNET reports.

Concerns arose regarding student exposure to violence or violent themes, as district supervisors reportedly figured a class centered on such subject matter would revolve around honing combat skills and mastering use of weapons.

However, the course emphasized the importance of reading and writing, the East Oregonian reports.

Students were tasked with keeping a journal of their experiences after the imagined end of the world. The class also involved mandatory reading of a book called “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.”

Almost 40 students participated in each class offered, leaving no vacancies, the East Oregonian added.

Harshberger noted to the paper, “It’s gotten kids engaged that I wouldn’t have gotten engaged before.”


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