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Last summer, a survey found that women are more prone to road rage than men, and that 30% of commuters send text messages on their way to work.

Now, AT&T has released results from a similar survey, and although it doesn’t draw any conclusions about road rage, it does reveal some staggering statistics about texting and driving.


The good news is that commuters understand that texting and driving is an awful habit. A whopping 95% of those surveyed said that reading an incoming text message behind the wheel is a bad idea. And 98% thought the same of sending a text.

Given those stats, you’d think that few adults engaged in the habit of texting and driving. But you’d be wrong: 49% said they’ve done so. That’s higher than figures for teen drivers.

But wait, there’s more: three years ago, when AT&T conducted the same survey, the figure was just 43%.

In other words, the problem is getting worse.

Frustratingly, neither AT&T nor its survey partner, ResearchNow, reveal the methodology behind those numbers. As a result, we don’t know if they’re based on 20 respondents or 20,000. Given the stature of AT&T, we assume that the company knows how to conduct a significantly sized survey, but without figures, we can’t promise anything.

The one thing we do know is that texting and driving remains a terrible habit. Watch AT&T’s video embedded above, then jump over to There, you’ll learn much, much more about the dangers of distracted driving, and you’ll be able to take a pledge to change any bad texting and driving habits of your own.


This article originally appeared at The Car Connection.


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