REDMOND, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – According to a new study by VoucherCodesPro, Xbox 360 owners are better in bed than those who play PlayStation and Wii.

Researchers surveyed 1,747 partners of gamers in the UK to see how much of an effect playing games had on their relationships.

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One question the survey asked was, “How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?”

Only 11 percent answered that question as “excellent.” Most, 27 percent, said their partner was “good,” while 26 percent said their partner was “average.” An unsatisfied 20 percent said their partner was “below average.”

The results were then broken down by gaming platform.

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Xbox players were rated highest by their partner. An overwhelming 54 percent of Xbox gamers were described as “good” in the bedroom by their partners and 22 percent were described as “excellent.”

PC gamers were rated the lowest on bedroom performance. Only 3 percent were described as “excellent” and 8 percent as “very good.”

The survey also asked about the frequency of gaming and the frequency of intercourse.

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The results showed that 21 percent wanted “more sex, less gaming,” and 11 percent wanted “less sex, more gaming.”