(1090 The Fan) — The Seahawks undoubtedly made the most noise this offseason with a handful of free agent signings and a couple of gutsy trades. The team went from surprise playoff team (in January) to Super Bowl contender (now) — and Todd Pheifer of the Bleacher Report has broken down which moves are going to catch everyone off guard.

While Pheifer looks at both the overrated and underrated moves, we’re going to just look at the latter.

What? We’re excited…and homers.

The underrated acquisitions of the offseason include: Cliff Avril and Tony McDaniel.

Pheifer says of Avril, “the Seahawks may find Avril to be an invaluable part of their defense” in regards to the pass rush. He adds, “Avril has played in all 32 games over the past two season and has racked up 20.5 sacks.”

The signing of McDaniel didn’t generate the buzz of Avril or Michael Bennett, but McDaniel can play a major role in the defensive scheme if rookies Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams aren’t ready out of the gate. Pheifer says, “McDaniel plays a role that does not necessarily generate big numbers in the measurable statistical categories. That said, big bodies in the middle are crucial for teams that want to have a balanced defensive scheme.”

Alright, you want to see who the overrated acquisitions are? Read Pheifer’s entire article: Seattle Seahawks’ Most Under and Overrated Offseason Additions


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