MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mosquitoes have been very aggressive lately, and the hot weather has had many shedding clothes and exposing their skin to direct sunlight.

There’s no better time than now to get caught up on all the remedies for summer-specific ailments like sunburns and bug bites.

Fit Kim, a nutrition and fitness expert from Austin, Texas, shared her favorite home remedies with WCCO.

“This is my medicine cabinet makeover,” she said.

For itchy skin that’s covered with bites, Kim recommended using lemon juice right on the bite to stop the itch in its tracks. To cover a larger area, use Epsom salts in your bath.

“It’s old school, but it takes the heat and itch out,” she said. “It’s kind of soothing.”

For cuts, Kim actually suggested something hotter: cayenne pepper. She said it promotes blood clotting. She said it also works for burns, even sunburns.

“If you have a wound that is bleeding, you can apply it right on it, and put a bandage on it for one to two hours. It will offer some relief,” she said.

Some suffer allergies during summer months, and Kim brought a few things to try for those afflicted.

“Quercetin naturally helps fight off histamine reactions. My favorite is a supplement called mangosteen. You can get it at many health stores including Whole Foods. It helps your body fight, have that defense, and you prevent a reaction from even happening,” she said.

If you find yourself with an upset stomach, you can try either ginger or peppermint. The former can help soothe the stomach and prevent acid reflux and gas. The latter can help with nausea.

And, if the longer daylight hours have you losing sleep, Kim recommended either cherries or melatonin.


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