By Matthew Asher

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 06:  Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks is taken down by Erik Walden #93 of the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 6, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images)

(Credit, Jonathan Moore/Getty Images)

As mentioned earlier in the week, looking at the statistics, the Seattle Seahawks didn’t play a terrible game in their 34-28 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. But why did they still end up losing even though they put up 428 yards of offense and limited the Colts to just 338 yards?

Offense, defense and specials teams all left points on the field.

This is only assuming Seattle was able to score a touchdown every drive they managed to put points on the board, rather than the ideal, but never going to happen, scoring on every drive. Replace Steve Hauschka’s four field goals and there’s 12 points. Even if Seattle was able to convert two of the four made field goals, those six points would have resulted in a tie game. It’s wishful thinking, but it was two special teams plays that made all of the scoring difference.

Seattle was able to block one of Pat McAfee’s punts in the first quarter, but the Hawks were unable to fall on the ball in the end zone before it went out of bounds resulting in a safety. While it’s true that Seattle did get two points out of that play, they were unable to score a touchdown on the ensuing drive. Add another five points at a minimum Seattle left on the table.

Leading 12-7 in the second quarter, Hauschka lined up for a field goal attempt that would have given Seattle an eight-point lead. Instead it was blocked and Delano Dowell was able to return the block 61 yards for a touchdown for a 10-point swing. Taking all those missed opportunities into consideration, Seattle left somewhere between 14 and 22 points off the scoreboard and that’s not taking the blocked field goal Indy scored into consideration.

Indy’s defense has been consistently stingy.

Yes, Seattle was undefeated coming into the game and Indianapolis did lose a home game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 2, but it would be an insult to the Colts to call this game an upset win.

Coming into the game, both Indy and Seattle had top 10 defensive rankings. But since both teams don’t play the same exact schedule, it’s important to see how they did against the same teams.

Both Seattle and Indy already had victories over both the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars. In those two games Indianapolis scored 64 total points and gave up just 10. Seattle did score 10 more points (74) points against those teams, but also gave up 10 more points (20) than the Colts did. Either way you look at it, both the Seahawks and Colts were a plus-54 against the same opponents.

If Seattle wants to keep up this great start to the 2013 season, it’s time for them to forget about their previous opponents and focus on next week as they take on the Tennessee Titans at CenturyLink Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:05 PDT.

For more Seahawks news and updates, visit Seahawks Central.

Matthew Asher is a freelance journalist. From an early age, sports have played a major role in his life. He graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Journalism. After college he spent 2 years working with CNN Sports and still occasionally writes sports articles for several publications both in the United States and Canada. His work can be found on


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