We don’t actually gamble at 1090 The Fan, but if we did …

Conference Championship Props
Which game will have higher TV Rating?
Patriots vs. Broncos -300 (1/3)
49ers vs. Seahawks +200 (2/1)

Sandmeyer: 49ers/Seahawks
Churchill: Patriots/Broncos

Which market will have highest TV rating?
Denver 1/2
Seattle 3/1
New England 5/1
San Francisco 5/1

Sandmeyer: Seattle
Churchill: Seattle

What will be the highest decibel level shown on TV during the 49ers/Seahawks game?
Over/Under 135

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Over. First quarter. Maybe even during pre-game warm-ups.

How many False Start Penalties will the 49ers have in the game?
Over/Under 2

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Under

Will either game go to Overtime?
Yes +500 (5/1)
No -1000 (1/10)

Sandmeyer: 5 to 1 on my money? Hell yes. Overtime.
Churchill: No. And with my winnings I will TDM it one extra time next week.

Will there be a Successful 2-Point Conversion in either game?
Yes +250 (5/2)
No -400 (1/4)

Sandmeyer: No, because Peyton Manning and Tom Brady said so.
Churchill: No. I’d bet on a safety before a 2-point conversion.

Will any Seahawks Player kiss his bicep after he scores a TD in the game?
Yes +500 (5/1)
No -1000 (1/10)

Sandmeyer: No. And if any of them do, I will personally go down onto the field and swat them over the head with a rolled up sports page.
Churchill: No.

Conference Championship Stats Leaders
Who will record the most Passing Yards?
Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB 6/1
Russell Wilson (SEA) QB 6/1

Sandmeyer: Wilson — because everyone has been dumping on him — which means he’ll have a big game
Churchill: Kaepernick, but only because the 49ers will have to throw the ball more late after falling behind.

Who will record the most Rushing Yards?
Marshawn Lynch (SEA) RB 6/5
Frank Gore (SF) RB 4/1

Sandmeyer: Beast mode. The Niners don’t allow many rushing yards — but allow their most against Seattle
Churchill: Lynch. By 20 or more yards.

Who will record the most Receiving Yards?
Anquan Boldin (SF) WR 9/2
Michael Crabtree (SF) WR 11/2
Percy Harvin (SEA) WR 9/1
Golden Tate (SEA) WR 9/1

Sandmeyer: Not Percy Harvin. Ah, lemme see … let’s go with Golden Tate.
Churchill: Boldin. He’ll be targeted twice as much as anyone else on the list.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers +3 +155 O 39
Seattle Seahawks -3 -175 U 39

Sandmeyer: No hook? I’m laying the 3 with Seattle
Churchill: I’d by a point if I were in Vegas. I like Seattle by a field goal, so … 49ers with the points.

Total Passing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF)
Over/Under 190

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Over

Total TD Passes – Colin Kaepernick (SF)
Over 1 (+160, 8/5)
Under 1 (-200, 1/2)

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Over

Total Rushing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF)
Over/Under 35

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Over

Total Rushing Yards – Frank Gore (SF)
Over/Under 67

Sandmeyer: Over — this is a sucker bet — Gore will have one big run along with all his little ones — it will go over.
Churchill: Over.

Total Receiving Yards – Anquan Boldin (SF)
Over/Under 62

Sandmeyer: under — because Boldin will talk smack early — and the Hawks will put the smack down on him.
Churchill: Over. He’ll be the main target for Kaepernick and with 10-plus chances he’ll get over 80 yards.

Total Receptions – Anquan Boldin (SF)
Over/Under 5

Sandmeyer: Under
Churchill: Over

Total Receiving Yards – Michael Crabtree (SF)
Over/Under 55

Sandmeyer: Over … don’t like the guy, but he’s good. Plus Jim Harbaugh thinks he’s better than Jerry Rice.
Churchill: Under. He’s good, but Jim Harbaugh is insane. Jerry Rice? Whatever, Jim.

Total Receptions – Michael Crabtree (SF)
Over/Under 5

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Under

Will Vernon Davis (SF) score a TD in the game?
Yes +140 (7/5)
No -160 (5/8)

Sandmeyer: Not enough plus money for me to bet yes — so no
Churchill: Yes. It will be one of just two catches all day for him.

Total Passing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA)
Over/Under 200

Sandmeyer: Over
Churchill: Under. Slightly.

Total TD Passes – Russell Wilson (SEA)
Yes +140 (7/5)
No -160 (5/8)

Sandmeyer: I’m assuming this is 1 TD pass — so I’ll say yes
Churchill: Yes.

Total Rushing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA)
Over/Under 30
Total Rushing Yards – Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
Over/Under 89

Sandmeyer: Russell will scramble a lot — over. Lynch can still have less than 89 yards and be a factor. Under.
Churchill: Under on both.

Who will have more Rushing Yards in the game?
Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB -21
Russell Wilson (SEA) QB +21

Sandmeyer: Since Kaepernick is the fastest guy on the Niners, I’ll go with him.
Churchill: Kaepernick. Wilson won’t run a whole lot.

Which team will record more Sacks in the game?
San Francisco 49ers -125 (4/5)
Seattle Seahawks EVEN (1/1)

Sandmeyer: Easiest bet on the board. Wilson holds onto the ball a lot longer than Kaepernick. Niners.
Churchill: I think it’s a push here. 49ers have a D-Line v. O-Line advantage, but CenturyLink evens things out with the noise. Cliff Avril comes up big.

Unofficially, Bill Swartz bet the ‘under’ on everything except ‘how many times Steve Samdmeyer tosses out positive-tone expletives during the game.’

– Jason A. Churchill, 1090 The Fan

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