As soon as New York City was announced as the host city for the 2014 Super Bowl, NFL fans began to voice some concerns about playing the game outdoors at a cold weather location. Now a week before the game, those concerns have very much become a reality.

It’s become plenty clear over the past week that weather concerns have compounded the issue of cross country travel for Seahawks fans, causing ticket prices to drop substantially for Super Bowl XLVIII. At 9am on Conference Championship Sunday, Super Bowl tickets had an average price of $4,007.73. Once the match-ups were determined, eager Seahawks and Broncos fans helped increase demand a little bit more, further raising ticket prices in the following hours. Since the immediate spike however, ticket prices have spiraled downward. As of now, the average Super Bowl ticket is listed at an average price of $3,019.99, reflecting a 24.65% decline over the past week.

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Even at these lower prices, Seahawks fans still seem hesitant to make the trip to New York for the Super Bowl. Over the course of the season, the Seattle Seahawks had the third highest average ticket price at home in the league. Seahawks fans are no strangers to paying significant premiums to see their team play. Fact is there are other factors at play here in addition to price dissuading fans from making the trip. It’s certainly a long flight from Seattle to New York, and there is the very real possibility that weather will not only make the game particularly unenjoyable but also strand fans across the country. As of today, Washington is not among the three states to visit our Super Bowl page the most. Those states would be New York (37% of views), New Jersey (31%), and Connecticut (12%), suggesting that this year’s Super Bowl has become an event far more sought after by locales that wouldn’t be risking getting stranded across the country by poor weather.

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For Seahawks fans that actually do want to make the trip, all of these factors create a pretty solid opportunity to see their team in the Super Bowl fairly inexpensively compared to recent years. The average sale price of a ticket thus far is currently $2,793.18, indicating that it was the less expensive tickets that were selling even when average list prices were higher earlier in the week. Currently, there are tickets available on the secondary market as inexpensively as $1,392. This figure reflects a decline in get-in price of 37.25% over the past week, a decrease that is even more substantial than the decline in average list price. Last Sunday, there was no ticket on the secondary market less expensive than $2,233. Further, it’s not just tickets in the upper sections experiencing a decline in price, as you can now get yourself in the Mezzanine Level for as little as $1,712 (-42.22% over the past week) or the Lower Level for $1,864 (-40.49%).

Of course, fans can enjoy the game sheltered from the elements inside one of MetLife Stadium’s 218 luxury suites that accommodate 30 guests. However prices for those have dropped quite substantially as well over the past week as overall demand for tickets weakened. Last Sunday, there were suites listed at over $1,000,000 on the secondary market. Today, the most expensive suite is $686,000, while the cheapest available has dipped all the way to $238,000. The most expensive seat at MetLife Stadium currently listed is in Section 140 of the Lower Level, priced at $25,700. Given the market trends, it seems pretty safe to say that even this prime 40-yardline seat just feet from the field will drop in price with the rest of them in the coming days.

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