NEWBERG, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — An Oregon college is prohibiting a transgender student from living in all-male dormitories.

KPTV reports that Jayce M. is battling with George Fox University to allow him to live in the dorm. The school is offering the transgender student a single room on-campus.

“I have the right, as any other male, to live on campus with males,” Jayce told KPTV.

The university said allowing Jayce, who has been living in all-female dorms, to live in an all-male dorm would be a “struggle.”

“George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community, and our residential facilities are single sex because of our theological commitments,” the university told KPTV in a statement. “The student’s request to switch from female-only on campus housing to male-only on campus housing is one that many institutions would struggle with.”

Paul Southwick, Jayce’s attorney, is hoping the university reconsiders its decision.

“Because it receives federal money, the university needs to abide by non-discrimination standards,” Southwick explained to KPTV.

Jayce is prepared to fight for as long as it takes to live in the all-male dorm.

“I’m hoping that the school will listen and grant me on-campus housing,” Jayce told KPTV. “For the future, I hope that I’ll be able to pave the way for future transgender students as well as any other people that are being marginalized.”

Jayce has completed his sexual transition from a girl to a man over the past year.


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