The Mid-Summer Classic is a little more than a week away. The voting is closed and the starters have been determined by fan balloting. The rest of the roster will be revealed Sunday night. Every year there are difficult omissions, often caused by player popularity winning out over how deserving a player might actually be. The criterion is up to the beholder, however. Some prefer to take the best players and biggest names, rather than that season’s best performers. Some may go the route of the best first halves and reward said players. I very much prefer to do both.

An All-Star game without Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw or Felix Hernandez should be illegal in all 50 states, includiong all U.S. territories. But what should not be ignored is the performances of the likes of Brandon Moss, Brian Dozier, Michael Brantley and Corey Kluber. I won’t ignore them, anyway.

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Yes, there will be omissions that are tough to accept. No matter which 66 players are chosen, there will be players that are just as deserving that will not make the roster. But the game is supposed to be about showcasing the game and its stars to the fans, which is how Derek Jeter makes the roster and why I limited the number of relievers chosen in favor of another starter or two and/or another position player.

American League

First Base/DH
Miguel Cabrera — Detroit Tigers
Edwin Encarnacion — Toronto Blue Jays
Jose Abreu — Chicago White Sox
Brandon Moss — Oakland Athletics
Victor Martinez — Detroit Tigers

Second Base
Ian Kinsler — Detroit Tigers
Jose Altuve — Houston Astros
Robinson Cano — Seattle Mariners

Alcides Escobar — Kansas City Royals
Erick Aybar — Los Angeles Angels
Derek Jeter — New York Yankees

Third Base
Josh Donaldson — Oakland Athletics
Adrian Beltre — Texas Rangers
Kyle Seager — Seattle Mariners

Salvador Perez — Kansas City Royals
Yan Gomes — Cleveland Indians
Derek Norris — Oakland Athletics

Mike Trout — Los Angeles Angels
Jose Bautista — Toronto Blue Jays
Alex Gordon — Kansas City Royals
Nelson Cruz — Baltimore Orioles
Adam Jones — Baltimore Orioles

Starting Pitcher
Felix Hernandez — Seattle Mariners
Masahiro Tanaka — New York Yankees
Yu Darvish — Texas Rangers
Corey Kluber — Cleveland Indians
David Price — Tampa Bay Rays
Jon Lester — Boston Red Sox

Relief Pitcher
Dellin Betances — New York Yankees
Sean Dootlittle — Oakland Athletics
Wade Davis — Kansas City Royals
Glen Perkins — Minnesota Twins
David Robertson — New York Yankees

Starting Lineup
1. Mike Trout, CF
2. Robinson Cano, 2B
3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
4. Jose Bautista, RF
5. Alex Gordon, LF
6. Edwin Encarnacion, DH
7. Kyle Seager, 3B
8. Salvador Perez, C
9. Derek Jeter, SS

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SP: Felix Hernandez, RHP

National League

First Base/DH
Paul Goldschmidt — Arizona Diamondbacks
Freddie Freeman — Atlanta Braves
Anthony Rizzo — Chicago Cubs

Second Base
Dee Gordon — Los Angeles Dodgers
Daniel Murphy — New York Mets
Chase Utley — Philadelphia Phillies

Troy Tulowitzki — Colorado Rockies
Hanley Ramirez — Los Angeles Dodgers
Starlin Castro — Chicago Cubs

Third Base
Todd Frazier — Cincinnati Reds
Matt Carpenter — St. Louis Cardinals
Anthony Rendon — Wasahington Nationals

Jonathan Lucroy — Milwaukee Brewers
Yadier Molina — St. Louis Cardinals
Buster Posey — San Francisco Giants

Giancarlo Stanton — Miami Marlins
Andrew McCutchen — Pittsburgh Pirates
Carlos Gomez — Milwaukee Brewers
Yasiel Puig — Los Angeles Dodgers
Justin Upton — Atlanta Braves
Billy Hamilton — Cincinnati Reds

Starting Pitchers
Adam Wainwright — St. Louis Cardinals
Johnny Cueto — Cincinnati Reds
Jordan Zimmermann — Washington Nationals
Julio Teheran — Atlanta Braves
Clayton Kershaw — Los Angeles Dodgers
Stephen Strasburg — Washington Nationals
Madison Bumgarner — San Francisco Giants

Relief Pitchers
Craig Kimbrel — Atlanta Braves
Kenley Jansen — Los Angeles Dodgers
Joaquion Benoit — San Diego Padres
Zach Duke — Pittsburgh Pirates
Pat Neshek — St. Louis Cardinals

Starting Lineup
1. Carlos Gomez, CF
2. Dee Gordon, 2B
3. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
4. Giancarlo Stanton, RF
5. Andrew McCutchen, LF
6. Yasiel Puig, DH
7. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
8. Matt Carpenter, 3B
9. Jonathan Lucroy, C

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SP: Clayton Kershaw, LHP