Shawn Thomas

OREGON CITY, Okla. (CBS Seattle) — Don’t worry about calling Lassie to the rescue when you have a dog like Hades.

On Tuesday evening, an Oregon City family had their pet pit bull to thank for saving their 8-year-old son after the boy and his friends were attacked by a swarm of bees, Fox12 reports.

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The boy, Jesse-Cole Shaver, along with his friends and sister were playing behind their apartment complex below a steep embankment when one of the children stepped on a rotted log, unleashing a large swarm of the bees upon the group.

Many of the children got away, except Jesse Cole-Shaver who was stung around 24 times.

Fortunately for him, Jesse’s adopted pit bull Hades rescued him by dragging and then carrying him to safety.

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“Hades saw me and came and dragged me up to the grass and stopped and let me crawl on her back and took me to my mom,” Jesse-Cole said.

Jesse-Cole’s mother heard the attack from her car and was surprised to see Hades carrying her son up the embankment.

As for Jesse-Cole’s sister, Jasmine Jones, her allergic reaction to bee stings immediately sent their mother away to find an EpiPen while the neighbors dialed 911.

“A couple of these kids could have gotten really sick or died, I’m sure of it,” their mother went on to add.

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The kids aren’t making any plans to visit that area again anytime soon.