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We’re just four days away from Super Bowl XLIX, and Tuesday’s latest projections have seen secondary ticket prices begin to fall from the record highs experienced over the weekend. The impact of Nor’easter Juno has caused thousands of flight delays in the Northeast, but traveling Seahawks fans have had little trouble making the trip to Phoenix for the week’s festivities.

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As Super Bowl Media Day commences at University of Phoenix Stadium on Tuesday, the average price for Super Bowl XLIX tickets on the secondary market is now $5,762.17, which is down 5.5% from yesterday’s average of $6,103.17. Such a trend is typical during the week-of and Super Bowl prices often begin to fall just days out. The game’s cheapest seat is currently listed at $3,299.

It’s mild and expected to hit 73 degrees in Glendale this afternoon, but those traveling from the Northeast have been forced to sit and wait while Juno vehemently passes over. Many hopeful Super Bowl ticket purchasers wait until the eleventh hour to scoop their tickets up in the hope that prices will reach their lowest, but Juno has already seemed to kick start that process as prices begin to plummet. For those waiting out the storm and the diving ticket price on the secondary market, however, travel and airfare accommodations will be harder to come by.

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Unlike the falling Super Bowl tickets, airfare costs continue to increase with each passing day. According to, two weeks ago Seahawks fans could book a roundtrip flight to Phoenix for $303. Last week, the range for a roundtrip ticket was between $664-$1,021. Today, that range is $1,371-$1,900. If fans were to pay the top-price of $1,900 for a roundtrip flight, that would mark an increase of 527% from mid-January’s price of $303.

Hotel reservations in downtown Phoenix will likely fill up in the next several days, but there are still available rooms in the area as of Tuesday. The price range for a room is now $145-$825 per night, which is substantially lower than the $1,999 asking price several hotels were displaying last week. For fans willing to travel about two hours, there are still many 4-star hotels available in the Tuscon area. The cheapest per-night stay in Tuscon-based hotels can be found for $155, and $379 is the highest you’ll pay.

It’s been a controversial two weeks for the Patriots, but the Seahawks have kept a relatively low profile in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX. Save for highly opinionated cornerback Richard Sherman, the Seahawks have carried a sense of calm into Sunday’s game. Seahawks fans still searching for Super Bowl tickets will likely take the same method this week, ultimately striking the secondary market when the iron is hot later this week as prices continue to fall.

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It’s likely that the historic high ticket prices rose to over the weekend will gradually decline, and the best deals for tickets will likely come just days or hours before kickoff on Sunday afternoon. With travel and hotel costs piling up, however, fans will have to start booking their way to Phoenix before a couch on Craigslist becomes their last resort.