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(1090 The Fan) — Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is ready for Super Bowl 50.

Wilson, a Senior Editor for The Players’ Tribune, published a new video on the website Thursday detailing his feelings about Super Bowl XLIX and adding a heartfelt message to fans 17 days removed from the game.

In “Call Me Crazy,” Wilson talks about the final play — a slant pass that was intercepted by New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.

“I take full responsibility for it,” says Wilson. “Feeling like I didn’t make the play, and knowing it’s over. All the hard work that you’ve put in all season long, all the amazing plays comes down to that one moment… and it feels like it’s lost.

“The hardest thing about that game was to be able to walk off that field and all those fans… and feeling like you let them down.”

However, the Seattle signal caller also talks about moving forward.

“I continue to wake up every morning,” he says “With this passion, this fire.”

Wilson talks about preparing for the next opportunity, making it clear that he is holding onto a true belief that this team will return to a Super Bowl.

“One of the most important things I think in terms of playing the quarterback position, but just being a leader in general, is accountability. I think I can always do a better job of that. I think I can always step up in that category for my teammates, for myself, for the people around me. So Super Bowl XLIX, I take full responsibility for it. One of the reasons why I always will and always do is because I know that it’s going to happen again for me.

“I want to let you know my thought process. Where my heart comes from, where my mindset comes from. You know, I’m the one who threw the pass. But I know that I’ll throw another one. And hopefully I’ll be remembered for something different.”

You can watch the four minute video here.


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