Alabama is one of the most-populated states without a major sports team. Perhaps that doesn’t matter too much to its residents — the University of Alabama and Auburn University football programs are two of the most successful programs in the country (and carry one of the best rivalries in college sports). The University of Alabama football program is one of the most decorated in the nation (having recorded 10 undefeated seasons, 850 official victories, and nine appearances in the SEC Championship Game).

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It’s a wonder a state with such a football powerhouse doesn’t have a pro football team.

Given that the last NFL expansion was 14 years ago (with the addition of the Houston Texans) we doubt Alabama will see a team anytime soon.

Until then, Roll Tide.


Vegas is a great vacation spot for those looking to gamble and dance the night away, but it’s not a great place for sports fans. The state has no professional sports teams. There are a few minor league teams, including the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team, but most sports fans come to Vegas for one thing: to bet on games.

Alaska and Hawaii

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These two states have never had any major league team. It makes sense — travel to and from these states would make games difficult for leagues. The population in Alaska also makes stadium funding and consistent ticket sales unlikely.The majority of fans in Alaska root for the Seattle Seahawks (the next closest sports franchise) or the Green Bay Packers.


Virginia is the most populous state without a major sports team — however, the Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals, and Washington Capitals all have practice facilities and headquarters in the state (but no stadiums).


Louisville, Kentucky has several successful teams — unfortunately, fans don’t get to cheer for a pro team of their own. The University of Louisville is one of the top college basketball programs in the country, having won three NCAA championships (the most recent in 2013). The University of Kentucky Wildcats is the winningest NCAA D-1 program in history. We’re sure sports-crazed Kentucky fans would love to see an NBA team take up roots in the Bluegrass State.


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