SEATTLE (CBS) — Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett joined The Jim Rome Show Monday, following Seattle’s 20-3 Thursday Night Football victory over the division rival San Francisco 49ers.

It was a much needed win for the Seahawks, who entered the game 2-4. Seattle’s defense put on a dominating performance against the 49ers, holding San Francisco to a single field goal. Bennett led the defense with 3.5 sacks.

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“Cliff [Avril] was dominating, [Brandon] Mebane was dominating. It was so good to see everybody in the backfield making plays,” Bennett said of the win.

He was joined during the interview by Avril and Mebane — the three were driving back from picking up breakfast.

Here are a few snippets from the interview (scroll down for audio):

(Should the league be fining players for doing ‘celebratory pelvic thrusts‘?)

“I don’t know. I mean the lady fan base is going crazy, so I don’t know why [the league is] getting mad at us. But I guess they don’t want us doing any crazy things on TV. But I don’t get why it should bother them, we’re just having fun. I mean they have beer commercials and all types of things going on, but we can’t have fun, while they they can have all the fun.  You know what I mean, man? I just wanna have fun. I love making sacks, I love dancing. So I should be able to dance whenever I make a sack.”

(Does his wife love his sack dance?)

“She loves it, man. That’s how we got all those kids, man.”

(After Seattle lost to Carolina, Bennett and quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to the team. What was the message to their teammates?)

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“Just stay focused on the big picture.  You lose some games but you just gotta stay on top of it. You know, when you start losing and everybody starts looking the other way and pointing fingers then usually you’re going to have a losing season. But if you’re losing and you can make adjustments, you can having a winning season. And I think that we just need to stay focused. We got a lot of young players on our team.we normally have a lot of veterans. but at this point we lost a lot of veterans over the past two years. so we just have to keep everybody in the mindset of winning. And sometimes you lose close games against good teams, and you just got to stay focused.”

(Did the team lose any passion? Can you get it back in one game?)

“Yeah, you can get it back in one game. I think over time we have so much success that people aren’t used to losing. so when you start to lose a couple games people don’t know how to handle it. So people that do know how to it, and you know, especially Cliff, you know he came from an 0-16 team (laughing in the background) and I came from Tampa so I know about losing. And now that I’ve been here, I know about winning. So I know what the difference is. And to be able to stay focused on winning and keep that passion at all times is one of the most important things because, you know, football is fun. It’s one of those things you get to do what you love. It’s the only time you can hit people and spit on them and kick them and not go to jail. So I’m always having a good time out there.”

(Any plans for Halloween?)

“I told one of my friends I was going to dress up as a Black man in America. So, excited to see how that’s gonna go.”

(Bennett always a fun guy to talk to. Why can’t more players just show up and have fun with it?)

“You know what it is? It’s because of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You know, it’s the reaction they’re going to get. A lot of people are worried about what people are going to say about them and who’s watching, who’s saying this, and ‘am I going to get another commercial,’ ‘am I going to lose my endorsements?’ And some people, they just don’t want to lose any of those things so they’d rather lose themselves. But not like Marshawn Lynch; he’s the only person who doesn’t say anything but gets the most endorsements. So it’s a win-win for him.”

(Is Bennett ever concerned about getting in trouble because of the things he says?)

“I’m not concerned about that. Only thing I’m concerned about is how much money my wife spends.”

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