SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Nordstrom has removed an offensive sweater from its website after a shopper complained that the item played into negative stereotypes regarding Jewish women.

The sweater featured the words “chai maintenance” and “Hanukkah J.A.P” in its design and was available for sale on the website, as reported by Huffington Post. J.A.P. is an abbreviation for “Jewish American Princess,” considered a derogatory term by many people.

Customer Caroline Schaeffer Lewis noticed the offensive language and posted to the company’s Facebook page expressing her concern and disappointment.

Representatives for the store responded to the comments and agreed the sweater shouldn’t have been sold in the first placed. Shortly after they announced the item would no longer be sold on the website. It has since been removed.

“We made a mistake by not looking more closely at the words on the sweater before we posted it — had we done so, we wouldn’t have offered it,” a Nordstrom spokeswoman told The Huffington Post. “As soon as we heard from customers, we removed it from our site right away. We’re terribly sorry for offending people and sincerely apologize.”


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