Bryan Altman

After announcing his retirement at the end of the Seahawks’ 2015 season at the age of 30, it seemed like Marshawn Lynch – or ‘Beast Mode’ as he’s affectionately known – had hung up his cleats for good.

But a new report from Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole indicates that Lynch might be having some second thoughts and could possibly return to the NFL in 2016.

According to Cole, Lynch told two ex-teammates that he wants to play in 2016. reported that Richard Sherman, star cornerback for the Seahawks and close friend of Lynch, said he wasn’t sure Lynch would stay retired, saying “He’s about as predictable as a pair of dice. So I don’t try to call his plays.”

However, Cole also pointed out that things aren’t as simple as Lynch saying he wants to return and being welcomed back into the fold with open arms.

Lynch would be owed $9 million for the upcoming season, which could make the Seahawks think twice before activating Lynch for the 2016 campaign.

Lynch has dealt with a litany of injury problems of late and was limited to just seven games during the 2015 season for the Seahawks.

Still, Lynch is one of the most prolific rushers in Seahawks history and is No. 4 on the team’s all-time rushing leaderboard with 6,347 yards and is No. 2 in rushing touchdowns with 57, trailing only Shaun Alexander.

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