In the aftermath of the Orlando ­terrorist attack and hate crime that left 50 people dead on Sunday, the U.S. National Men’s Soccer team came together in a video to share support for the victims and send a message of unity with the nation.

The campaign shows various players reaching out to those affected by the massacre and standing to not “silence the voices of people who look differently, think differently and love differently.” Their call to action is to not feel divided and alone in the wake of this senseless act, but to come together as “one nation” now more than ever.

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The uplifting message comes before the return of their scheduled game Thursday against Ecuador at CenturyLink Field.

The organization released this press release along with the video:

“The attack in Orlando was unspeakable. Conceived in hatred. Intended to hurt and divide.

Instead, we choose to unite.

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“One Nation. One Team.” It’s a theme that represents the heart of U.S. Soccer and has long inspired our Men’s and Women’s National Teams, particularly when competing on the stage of an international tournament.

We return to that stage on Thursday night with a simplified message:
“One Nation.”

One Nation that takes pride in individuality, but comes together for one goal.
One Nation that loves courageously – our team, our fans and each other.
One Nation that sings together, cheers together and stands together.
One Nation that finds strength in unity and victory in solidarity.
One Nation that refuses to be silenced.

One Nation.

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– The United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams”